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Underground System's Wild Stop-Motion 'Go' Video: Premiere

New York's supergroup Underground System is unleashing its debut album, What Are You, and the first lead single entitled "Go," is a far-out funky electric beat that'll shock you right down to your dancing soul!

The collective group formed in 2010ish, and after eight years (yes 8 years) of experimenting and developing their sonics, the band is evidently highly influenced by Afrobeats and by the music of Fela Kuti, a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, musician, composer, pioneer of the Afrobeat music genre (the group is even named after one of his songs).

"It wasn't until a few years ago we started to formulate what I feel was an original concept behind the group," said the big boss co-founder and mister finger licking guitarist Peter Matson. "This is the first time we're really making a statement, but it's developed from... a straight-ahead Afrobeat band to bringing in all these other influences we have. We grew up on a diet of rock music and jazz, pop music from around the world. It was a big challenge but I feel like we're just starting to get there with this sound we're developing."

Mister Matson specifics the sauciness of the bass-driven track "Go" to be indicative of Underground System's journey. "It's definitely one piece of the puzzle, which becomes pretty evident when you put together a few of the tracks. The song 'Go' is relatively straight-ahead in terms of an identifiable verse and chorus-type song structure. It's a very New York-centric kind of dance rock and post-punk. The lyrics stem from some dark personal experience, but it's a very energetic tune."

The bubble pop electric animated, one stop-action video, created by co-band member Alice Cohen. "It's a really cool process," Peter Matson spills. "She does (the animation) all by hand, cutting out of books and magazines and actually shooting frame by frame and piecing it all together slowly and then finally editing on the computer. That's what we appreciated the most, beyond the aesthetic, was the craftsmanship. That's the way we producer or music, too. It's all recorded audio, not dealing with samples, bringing in musicians we know and kind of structuring all these things from the ground up."

Get ready to shake a tailfeather and dip and do it to Underground System's marvelous dance groove "GO"!

'Fahrenheit 11/9' Trailer: Michael Moore Look At Post-Trump America in Eye-Opening Grenade Throwing Documentary!

Can't take the insanity anymore? Well, we are right there with you carebears. We are the warriors of the light, and like Michael Moore and Ariana Grande, the light is coming to get back everything the darkness stole! Well, at least this a splendid launching pad to do. Michael Moore has always had the genes of a righteous fighter. Fighting for whats fair fighting for whats equal. In the eyes of evil, he will not be beholden. Try and silence his truth and welp, you get this vital visual piece!

Michael Moore holds little back in his new documentary of post-Trump American politics, entitled Fahrenheit 11/9. Thee refreshing and breathtaking is due out in theaters Sept. 21. Familiar faces featured in the trailer include Democratic leaders, Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg and, of course, the man who currently holds the White House kidnapped.

"How the fuck did this happen?" the brilliant and treasured filmmaker asks in the clip. The documentary's title is a callback to Fahrenheit 9/11, Moore's 2004 piece of President Bush's administration. The name also alludes to Nov. 9, 2016, the day the orange Fanta man won in the 2016 presidential election. Moore has been quoted saying to The Late Show host Stephen Colbert that the film is about "how the hell we got in this situation and how we're going to get out of it."

Moore has always been the vocal type. And boy oh boy do we need it more now than ever. about his disgust for the president and the conservative movement. Midwestern Films produced the documentary, and without further ado click play if you seek TRUTH NOT DELUSION right down below:

Repost Worthy 1 Year Ago Today : ItsNotYouItsMe Album Spin - Goldfrapp

Goldfrapp have released their seventh studio album Silver Eye and the band continues to bring the synthpop/electro clash sound that they are known for. Lead singer Alison Goldfrapp's vocals are perfectly (still) sensual against her musical partner, lead keyboardist, producer, and composer Will Gregory's rhythm's.

Below we have out choice cuts for our ItsNotYouItsMe Album spin picks. Eat it up and dance it out.

Lisa Marie Presley still asks for Elvis’ help 41 years after his death

Here Ye, Here Ye! Long Live The King!

"Death hasn’t gotten in the way of Elvis and daughter Lisa Marie Presley’s relationship.

The singer-songwriter, 50, revealed she still feels a closeness to her father 41 years after his death during an interview with UK talk show “Lorraine.”

Speaking about their new duet, “Where No One Stands Alone,” Presley said, “I just felt really emotional. It’s never pleasant to sing and cry. You just can’t do that in a good way. I had to keep my composure, but I felt very connected to him and to the song.”

Asked if she ever asks her father for guidance, she said, “I wouldn’t say I talk to him … I just remember everything. I can sort of pull out of the files whatever memories I have and stuff like that. And occasionally ask for help. Which was the case with this record. I just felt like a hand come down to me, it felt like that a little bit.”

Presley, who explained she feels most comfortable when she’s upstairs in the living quarters of Graceland by herself, also described how she felt upon recently stumbling across a quote from the King about fatherhood for the first time.

“There was a quote on the wall as I was leaving the [new Graceland] exhibit, it said something like, ‘Becoming a father is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.’ I had never seen it before, last night was the first time I saw it, so that was really cool,” she said.

“I knew there was a great love there,” she added. “There was a really strong connection there since the minute I can remember. It kind of reinstates what I felt was the truth, which is that I felt like I was the most important thing to him.”

Elvis died of a heart attack on Aug. 16, 1977, when he was 42 years old. At the time of his death, Lisa Marie was just 9 years old.

“Where No One Stands Alone” appears on the new album of the same name, a collection of reimagined Elvis gospel songs. It was released last Friday." -

VMAs: 8 Memorable Moments at Radio City Music Hall

According to musique pals and affiliates:

"As MTV's awards show returns to where it all began 35 years ago, take a look back at some highlights (Lisa Marie and Michael kiss! Taylor and Kanye kick off their feud!) from its 11 previous appearances at the iconic venue.

A variety of different venues have hosted the MTV Video Music Awards in New York and Los Angeles, but Radio City Music Hall is the most frequent. The first edition awards was held there in 1984, and the 2018 ceremony, airing live Aug. 20, will mark its 12th time in the New York venue.

In honor of its return to the iconic landmark, take a look back at eight memorable VMA moments: Radio City Music Hall edition.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley Kiss

At the 10th annual VMAs, Michael Jackson and his wife of four months, Lisa Marie Presley, opened the award ceremony. Clad in complementary black outfits, and walking out onto the stage holding hands, it was clear that the couple was making it clear to the public that they were actually together, despite tabloid reports that tried to disprove their marriage was real. After being greeted with a standing ovation by nearly half the audience, the King of Pop pulled Presley into a dramatic embrace and gave her a kiss for the camera.

Tupac Makes His Final Public Appearance

Before Tupac’s death in a September 1996 drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, he made his last public appearance at the VMAs, which were held three days before the incident that took his life. In an interview with MTV News, he made some pointed digs at his one-time friend turned enemy, Notorious B.I.G. Addressing the tension between the two rappers, he stated that he did not want it to escalate because he was “here to enjoy and support the Video Music Awards for MTV, because they support us.”

Fiona Apple Says "This World Is Bullshit" in Acceptance Speech

Enigmatic singer Fiona Apple doesn’t shy away from sharing her opinions, and was given the perfect opportunity to do so during the 1997 VMAs ceremony when she accepted her best new artist award. In a strikingly poignant moment, Apple simply stated that "this world is bullshit.T She then criticized the standards that young people are held to, and urged them to follow their own path.

Rage Against the Machine's Tom Commerford Climbs the Stage Set

After Rage Against the Machine lost the award for best rock video to Limp Bizkit, bassist Tom Commerford responded in protest by leaping onto the stage from the audience, then climbing the set scaffolding. It took a concentrated effort from MTV producers to get him to come down, but he eventually did –– and spent the night in jail.

Eminem and His Army of Slim Shadys

For a medley of his hits "The Real Slim Shady" and "The Way I Am," Eminem enlisted a group of lookalikes –– complete with dyed blond hair and white tanks –– to line up and follow him military-style into Radio City Music Hall. The performance was instantly iconic, leading viewers and attendees alike to wonder how the rapper pulled off such a feat.

TLC Mourn Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes On Stage

In their first public appearance since the tragic death of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes in a Honduras car crash a few months before, T-Boz and Chili of TLC took the stage to honor their lost groupmate and friend. T-Boz took the lead, thanking Left Eye’s family and friends, and MTV, for their support. As they spoke about their loss, visibly choked up, the singers’ fellow musicians empathized with their pain.

Madonna Kisses Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera

Christina Madonna Britney Rare Version Like a Virgin Holllywood MTV VMA's 2003 from Maicolt Aguilera on Vimeo.

During the opening performance of the 2003 ceremony, Madonna performed a medley of her hits with assistance from pop princesses Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. In a move that shocked both the audience at home and in the crowd, she turned to each of them for a sultry kiss.

Kanye West Steals the Mic From Taylor Swift, The Same Night Music Royalty Janet Honors Brother Michael Jackson

In what is perhaps the most infamous VMAs moment of all time –– Kanye West, quite literally, stole the show. After Taylor Swift snagged a Moonman for her “You Belong With Me” video, West walked onto the stage, took her mic and declared that Beyoncé had the best music video of all time for “Single Ladies,” which Swift beat out. The moment has followed the rapper for quite a long time –– even former President Obama called him a “jackass” for interrupting the pop singer’s big MTV moment." -

madonna & janet jackson - michael jackson tribute (live vma 2009) from Jairo Rodriguez on Vimeo.

CDLP SWIMWEAR 2018 Campaign

"CDLP unveiled its 2018 Swimwear collection at, with an exclusive campaign fronted by extreme sports and travel aficionado JAY ALVARREZ.

The 3-piece capsule includes a hero Pool Short (€180) presented in a sumptuous black velvet, and a Swim Short (€120) presented in army green and black nylons. The black velvet Pool Short is highly limited with only 50 pieces available online.

CDLP noted the timeless joie de vivre and youthful spirit of Jay Alvarrez as the archetypal spirit to deliver the inaugural swim collection. Alvarrez is the latest chapter in the CDLP world of “intellectual masculinity” – a core philosophy that champions multi-dimensional persona over standardized physicality. Rio de Janiero’s La Suite hotelier François-Xavier Dussol, and Swedish film directors Johan Renck and Jonas Åkerlund are among past spotlights for the brand, while Tom of Finland Foundation is set to launch a design collaboration later this September." -

Gentleman’s Gazette by Daniel G Castrillon for MMSCENE Magazine

"Discover Gentleman’s Gazette story featuring the handsome Caleb Fechtor at State Management captured for MMSCENE Magazine‘s August 2018 edition by fashion photographer Daniel G Castrillon. Styling is work of Ana Tess, with makeup from beauty artist Vanessa Law.

For the session Caleb is wearing selected pieces from JJ Hat Center, Alfonso D’Este, N Hoolywood, Wilde Vertigga, The Stetsonian, and more." -

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