Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pink field boxes with Kangaroos!

Pink told the recent issue of Rolling Stone that she’s nothing like Beyonce.

She shared...“The best I can gather is that Australia likes their artists to be rugged and raw and authentic, and America likes their artists to be glamorous and a little more packaged and glossy—like the difference between me and Beyonce. She’s beautiful, she’s multitalented, and she lives this jet-set lifestyle. And then there’s me: You would picture me out in a field boxing a kangaroo with makeup running down my face, crying about something that happened a week ago.”

OHHH! Last Friday's gig at the staples center was stellar-cute. She is a vocal champion. An honest artist delivering musique with warmth and grit.

Here is Pinks newest single 'I Don't Believe You'
Musique video coming very soon...

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