Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To Infinity & Beyond...!

Im off to Disneyland today with Good Company & yummy treats waiting for me ahead. I'll be back tomorrow kiddas!

-Love Wildly

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Do It Like Madonna: Joachim Baldauf For Paper Planes

Here is Photographer Joachim Baldauf captivating new editorial for Paper Planes magazine. ‘You Know You Can Do It’ features Austrian top model Michael Gstoettner and a very Madonna-looking Veza. The styling is by Claudia Hoffmann. Sexy… kinky… and just fantastic!

In addition to Madonna’s SEX book, the editorial is obviously inspired by her Vogue.

Shirtless Ed Westwick Covers Arena Homme +

Ed Westwick stars on the cover of the new Winter/Spring 09/10 issue of Arena Homme Plus. The photography is by Alasdair McLellan.

Can she still make you move?!

She may not have a record contract but that's still not holding Janet Jackson back from releasing an upcoming greatest hits called "#1's" in November.
Produced by Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins "Make Me"

Baby can you move, make me groove,
Show me what you do, make me move,
Baby make me...haha, oh I dig this tune! I dig it much so!

Would You Sport a Turban ???

Anyone know a step by step way of tying the cloth around your head?

Rare Bird Humps Photographer's Head

No, Polly does not want a cracker. Polly has been lonely, and he wants some action.

Rare Bird Humps Photographer's Head - Watch more Funny Videos

A Special Message from Christina

Here’s a sneak peak at her new fragrance, Christina Aguilera by Night.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2010 ft. Roisin Murphy

The Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2010 show at Paris Fashion Week is hands down the best and most enjoyable presentation of the season. In addition to the funky and outlandish designs, the talented duo had the fantastic Róisín Murphy perform two songs live while the models strutted the runway. Now, how can you top that? Watch the whole action below.

40 +

I'd like to wish Interview magazine a very happy 40th anniversary. The fashion, art & celebrity focused publication has given us numerous iconic covers and editorials over time. Interview magazine was founded by Andy Warhol and Gerard Malanga in 1969, and it continues to deliver captivating content to this day. I collected some of the covers here in celebration... cheers to Interview.

Madonna & Lady GaGa Attempt To Justify Their Love

Last Saturday night , Madonna continued her tradition of passing torches to up-and-coming pop legends via an appearance on Saturday Night Live in which she blessed Lady GaGa with her jealousy and confusion.

Here is a remix of Lady's 'Paparazzi'

And finally the true reason why Gaga is Gaga...

Geoff Burns by Tony Duran

Geoff Burns by Tony Duran. Do I really need to say anything other than, these are super duper saucy?

Lindsay Lohan: Fails at Ungaro Fashion Show!

"Lindsay Lohan struts her stuff on the catwalk with Spanish designer Estrella Archs after the Emmanuel Ungaro fashion show during Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 at Le Carrousel du Louvre on Sunday (October 4) in France.

Three weeks ago, it was announced that Lohan would be the fashion house’s new creative director.

When asked how she collaborated with Estrella, Lohan explained, “We both kind of mixed our (ideas) together, and that’s why it came out so well. I really appreciate everything that goes into, like, any article of clothing. I think it’s fantastic and I think it’s so expressive in so many ways.”

After the show, FWD reported, “Too many of the styling tricks did not come off. It’s all very well covering the odd nipple with sequined hearts, but placing the same thing on a half dozen heads was naff. And on three occasions straps fell off shoulders, or boobs suddenly swung out form tuxedo jackets, which was a little unlucky, bit did not look too professional.”

WWD added, “As for the clothes, they looked cheesy and dated…. Hot pink, orange and flashy, with an overworked heart motif relentless in its execution,the collection displayed none of the promised younger side Lohan was supposed to deliver.” - Courtesy of: J.J

UH-OH...Looks like Estrella Archs is going to have to make some changes Asap! Starting with a Lohan.

160g Magazine

Say hello to 160g, a new digital magazine founded by Giuliano Furgol & Eric Sposito that presents a fusion of fashion, art, and pop culture in a very attractive package. Judging by their launch issue, 160g is not just another free web effort. Their selection of quality photography and inspired art direction sets them apart. Here’s a look at the double October cover featuring Francisco Lachowsky and Anna Didenko with photography by Greg Gex and styling by Matthieu Pabiot.


Here's a snap of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Precious little ones...
and look at Shiloh's threads!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Kylie Minogue is ready for her North American Takedown!
And I shall be front row & center to catch all the fireworks!

Kylie Minogue has nothing to prove. She’s the sweetheart of just about every nation in the world. Honored with the prestigious Order of the British Empire and the French Order of Arts and Letters. Never having toured in North America, EVER... But all that’s about to change.

Through each endeavor and incarnation—from the Locomotion to the early-’90s shiny bubblegum-pop princess and the moody soul-searcher alongside Nick Cave, to the breast cancer survivor and activist...Kylie stays Kylie.


Getting dressed in my shimmer scraps while singing the 'One'. Tonight shades of sapphire and ultramarine will illuminate the atmosphere!

The Eiffel Tower

One can never have enough of Grace Jones' grace.
A strong body in artificially sculptured poses.

Peachoo+Krejberg Spring/Summer 2010

While other collections (reference to Gareth Pugh's pale descendants of death) have me question there motives, these soft silhouettes and geometric black & white prints just captured my heart.

Because they're really really pretty!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Lady Gaga is looking for a Lord Gaga in this new Saturday Night Live promo video with Ryan Reynolds.

Lad Musician Fall/Winter 2009

How beautiful.
A triangle symphony.
Pointy edged waistcoats and jackets creating zigzag layering.
I'm quite tempted.

Natascha Stolle Fall/Winter 2009

These tights. Wads of smoke ascending from the ground. Enlacing the leg, seducing the eye, conquering the heart.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Faded Images

Two Hollywood legends.

Steve Mc Queen enjoying a moment of leisure with Natalie Wood back in the early 60s. He is wearing a pullover sweater, over a shirt and some dark trousers.

A Single Man

This, the trailer for Tom Ford’s highly anticipated directorial debut, A Single Man.

Even though no one speaks and the story looks terrifying, it’s stunning. From Julianne Moore’s exquisite make-up to the costumes to the furniture to the icy crash and all the men in between, each and every shot is almost shockingly beautiful. Like Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette before it, Ford’s made a visual feast.

Baptiste Giabiconi Gets Naked For Karl Lagerfeld in Purple

Baptiste Giabiconi is featured in the new issue of Purple magazine… naked … as a woman. You see, Karl Lagerfeld and art director Olivier Zahm wanted to portray the iconic Helmut Newton woman, and Baptiste looked hot in stilettos... so they chose him!

Here is a behind the scenes image taken by Olivier Zahm during the shoot.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

WTF :: Charlie Le Mindu Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

French born hairdresser and wig maker Charlie Le Mindu presented his Spring/Summer 2010 headwear collection in London on September 19th. Certain to be seen on the head of Lady Gaga, the eccentric hairy collection is simply out of this world.

To see the Charlie Le Mindu pieces in action, check out Frankenfashion, a new fashion film commissioned by Dazed & Confused and directed by Alex Turvey.

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