Monday, December 7, 2009

Eyes on the Prize with Christophe Gilbert

'It’s a good idea to bring the focus to the item that the fashion ad campaign or editorial is meant to promote. Belgian photographer Christophe Gilbert does that very well in creative ways.' -Homotography

Brilliantly British by Mario Testino

'Mario Testino celebrates all thing UK in the editorial ‘Brilliantly British’ which appeared in the October 2009 issue of British Vogue. The editorial features Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Lily Donaldson and Stella Tennant.'

And the Editorial is, just as the title reads, BRILLIANT! JUST BRILLIANT!

David Bowie

David Bowie can be defined with two words: everchanging chamaleon. He is one of music's icons and an artist who has changed his look many times within the last four decades. From the Mod look he wore in the 60s, to the paisley shirts, to Ziggy Stardust, to sleek suits in the 80s and 90s, Bowie has influenced men's fashion.

To the left we can see Bowie sporting a hairdo that's a mix between the "Mod Bowl" and a "Mullet" in 1966.


Leave it to Lady GaGa to get us in the Holiday spirit. Say goodbye to blood, monsters, and's all about the reindeer now!! Last night in London, Gags sported a see-though latex dress, shades and antlers after a busy day of sound checks and rehearsal. Total ready-to-wear(for me at least).

Here's Lady's Ultra-Stellar and best perforamce of Bad Romance to date, on British TV show, the X Factor.

Zac Posen's Pre-fall Bunnies & Mushrooms

'There was something kind of surreal about sitting in Zac Posen’s showroom and listening to him walk the miniature crowd through his pre-fall collection this morning.

He started out with a giant inspiration board - as in, at least a few feet taller than Zac and probably as wide as he is tall. The collection, which he called “Lewis Carroll meets Paloma Picasso,” is partly inspired by where he lives, the Upper West Side, and the traditional American woman.

That translated into whimsical prints including bunnies and birds and best of all mushrooms swirling on the bottom of a silk dress or printed on a cardigan. A handful of dresses were two in one; Zac stripped the top layer off at the end of the runway to reveal more fitted silhouettes and Instead of shoulder pads, he shaped his shoulders with seams, “I’m still insisting on no shoulder pad…so someone can make their own attitude.” -Courtesy Of Fashionista

We tried to peek behind a door or two for a glimpse of anything Target related, but apparently, we’ll have to be more patient. - Courtesy Of Fashionista

River Viiperi & Michael Giraud by Eric Sposito

'We’ve seen River Viiperi on the preview cover of the 160g December/January Erotic issue, and now we have his official editorial, Super Eros. The sexy photography is by Eric Sposito. River is joined by Michael Giraud and Aykel Soker.' -Homotography

Real-Talk Of The Day: From George To John

George Michael had a message for Elton John. Elton has been telling the press that he's afraid for George's well-being. George's response is...

"Elton lives on that. He will not be happy until I bang on his door in the middle of the night saying, 'Please, please, help me, Elton. Take me to rehab.' It's not going to happen. Elton just needs to shut his mouth and get on with his own life. Look, if people choose to believe that I'm sitting here in my ivory tower, Howard Hughesing myself with long fingernails and loads of drugs, then I can't do anything about that, can I?"

"People want to see me as tragic with all the casual sex and drug-taking... those things are not what most people aspire to, and I think it removes people's envy to see your weaknesses. I don't even see them as weaknesses any more. It's just who I am."

As I always say, to each their own. Here's an oldie but always goodie of Mister Michael's. This video, in fact, is a favorite of mine.

Nils Butler by Karl Simone :: Night Watch, Visual Tales

'We love the photography of Karl Simone. We love the styling of John Tan. We love model Nils Butler and his sexy jaw lines. We love sexy watch features. So when all these factors come together, we really love the result. But where is this magic happening? In the premiere Night issue of Visual Tales magazine!' -Homotography

Keeping with the Night theme of this first issue of Visual Tales, the name of the editorial is 'Night Watch', and it features different OMEGA time pieces with grooming by Darci Louise.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Callum Wilson is a Hero by Leon Mark

'We’ve previously seen Callum Wilson strike some badass poses for Kai z Feng and cross-dress for Karim Sadli. Now we see the emerging Select model let down his guard for Leon Mark in a relaxed and intimate shoot appearing in the new second issue of Hero zine. It’s this relaxed vibe that gives the images a warm candid feeling. -Homotography

Lancôme’s Pretty Woman: Julia Roberts

'In the beauty world, this is definitely a huge coup.
Lancôme has just signed Julia Roberts as a “global ambassadress.”

No matter what you think of her movies of late, there is no doubt about the bankability of Ms. Roberts. And we are well aware of how desperately every cosmetics brand on the planet has pursued her for many, many years. We can never be sure how many foreign campaigns she’s done, but kudos to Lancôme for finally getting her to go domestic.

According to WWD, her role is not yet defined. But international president Yousef Nabi says, “Her exceptional talent, her radiance and her strong commitments perfectly echo Lancôme’s values. We are convinced she will embody the brand in the most sublime way possible.”

No disagreement here. Julia represents all sorts of classy beauty and so does Lancôme (at least to me, and I don’t think I’m alone).' - Fashionista

And no you are not! Lancome has been a long-running use of my mum's and of mine as well! Possibly the best powder makeup around(Dual Finish Matte Buff II) ;)

Art Rules!

Artist: Chicks On Speed.
The song 'Art Rules' was first released in 2006 as promo, then again as a in Maxi 2009. The original mix is featured down below, I'll start a recipe...

'It's two cups of gelitin,
mix it well, stir a concept,
technology as well
Art is a playground
for people who have everything...'

Kate Beckinsale By Ellen Von Unwerth, Absolut Vodka!

Absolut Vodka teamed up with photographer Ellen Von Unwerth on these new ads featuring actress Kate Beckinsale. Nicola Formichetti did the sexy styling.

Night Club Bling by Bell Soto & John Tan

'The magazine’s editor in chief and creative director John Tan handpicked pieces from the Brian Lichtenberg S|S 2010 collection for model Sam Waldman, who was groomed by Hiro Yonemoto and photographed by Bell Soto' -Homotography

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