Sunday, January 31, 2010

Have A Very Merry Birthday Mister Glass!

Today is American Composer, Philip Glass' Birthday. Born January 31, 1937, he is considered one of the most influential composers of the late 20th century and is widely acknowledged as a composer who has brought art music to the public.

Piano Piece: The Hours
A favorite of mine

Frederick Valentin’s Rough Ride with Mark Drew | Bello

'The new issue of Bello mag features this sexy editorial ‘Rough Ride’ by photographer Mark Drew. The hunky Frederick Valentin thinks he’s on for a sweet ride with Maria, but things take an unexpected turn. The shoot took place in the cowboy suite of the Pelican hotel, South Beach with styling by Jessica Bosch.' Homotography

"All The Fallen Leaves Will Find Their Branches Again"

"Raindrops in the heavens, ill eventually swim"

Band: The Whigs
Tune: Right Hand On My Heart

So I was having a wonderful movie night at home (aka the "cave") with my boy the night before. During one scene of the film, as it was making its transition from one scene to the next, the lyrics to the tune that was playing resonated so profoundly to me that I decided to search the tune and post it up!

Trend Tracking with StyleSight: Brazil Edition

Fashionista teamed up with trend-tracking firm StyleSight for a lesson on Brazilian fashion. Pretty much every major retailer in the country employs StyleSight to tell them what’s new and next. So Fashionista thought it’d be interesting to see what StyleSight’s women’s market expert Joanna Manganaro had to say about the country’s ever-growing influence.

Fashionista: It feels like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro fashion weeks get bigger and bigger every year. Why do you think they get so much attention, at least compared to the other “minor” fashion weeks?
Joanna Manganaro: It’s a lot like London in terms of the creativity. The designers are really free-thinking—they aren’t held back by any sort of conventions. They’re more on the directional side of things. Brazilian designers like Alexander Herchcovitch and (swimwear designer) Rosa Cha have gotten really big because they have this certain uniqueness that’s hard to pin down.

Do you think it’s because they’re so free with color?
That’s definitely a big part of it. They mix a lot of color, a lot of prints. There’s a dark, romantic side, but there’s also something folksy about what a lot of the designers do.

Are there any global trends that you would credit the region with bringing to the forefront?
I’d say that maxi dresses were helped along quite a bit by Brazilian street style. And designers like Carlos Miele definitely influence global style.

Who are your picks for designers or brands to watch?
Well, there are more mass brands—like Maria Bonita Extra and Cantao—that do a lot of really interesting things with color and print. Isabela Capeto is folksy, while Patachou is darker and structured.

How can someone in a dreary city—or anywhere—incorporate bright, playful colors into their wardrobe? I feel like I, personally, am addicted to black.
It’s not as easy as its looks to add color, right? I’d say start small. It can be scary, but if you start with a pattern—like one of the African tribal looks from SS10 or a bright coat—I just bought a gorgeous chartreuse one—it really makes me happy. I’m serious!

Miss Christina Aguilera

Here Is Christina Aguilera's Promotion Video For Her New Album "Bionic"!

Are you kidding me!??! And now the countdown has quite thee impatient rabbit as of now!

Good News For Barney's!

'Remember last week when "Fashionista" talked about how Barneys New York desperately needed a new owner?

Well, apparently, rich guy Ron Burkle wants to buy the struggling upscale retailer.

Burkle has invested in everything from the Pittsburgh Penguins to Sean John in the past, and last December he bought a big chunk of the company’s debt. He wants to pitch in another $50 million, which would give him control of 80% of the company.

While Burkle doesn’t know much about luxury, he does know a lot about retail, so this might be a good fit. His people can take care of the finances while the creatives at Barneys can keep doing what they do best.'

Sean O’Pry by Sebastian Kim | Calvin Klein Jeans SS10

Sean O’Pry in the new Calvin Klein Jeans Spring/Summer 2010 ads by Sebastian Kim.

Marlon Teixeira & Clint Mauro Get It On For A|X

In addition to unveiling their sexy Spring 2010 campaign, the folks at Armani Exchange released these images in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

AJ Abualrub by Rafa Gallar | Spanish Esquire

'The new February 2010 issue of Spanish Esquire features AJ Abualrub in ‘De colors’, a colorful editorial with photography by Rafa Gallar and styling by Juan Cebrian.'Homotography

1 Commercial You Wont Be Seeeing During The Superbowl

CBS has officially rejected this Super Bowl commercial for the gay dating website

A groups of whiners are livid over this decision, because they don't think 'it's right that CBS rejected this ad but approved a pro-life commercial starring Tim Tebow (which is probably going to be gayer than ManCrunch's ad).'

CBS only had this to say for themselves:
"After reviewing the ad - which is entirely commercial in nature - our Standards and Practices department decided not to accept this particular spot. As always, we are open to working with the client on alternative submissions."

Guess is, that ManCrunch knew CBS would reject the ad, which would get them tons of free publicity. It's a brilliant move. Courtesy of Dlist

Jon, Andres & Jake by Mario Testino | VMAN

'VMAN jumps on the sexy denim wagon with Andres Velencoso Segura, Jon Kortajarena and Jake Davies photographed by Mario Testino in ‘How to Wear Denim (Anywhere)’ for the new VMAN17 issue.'Homotography

Made in Italy by Dennis Blomberg | Plaza

'The current issue of Plaza magazine features this smoking-obsessed editorial 'Made In Italy' by Dennis Blomberg.' Homotography

Friday, January 29, 2010

Orlando Bloom by Terry Richardson | ME&CITY Campaign

'Actor Orlando Bloom stars alongside model Agyness Deyn in the new ME&CITY Spring 2010 ad campaign by Terry Richardson. The ads have the vibe of candid personal photos taken by one of your buddies.' Homotography

Me & Myself by Fabio Costì

'The melancholic sensuality of the editorial ‘Me & Myself’ by Italian photographer Fabio Costì instantly drew me in and evoked an assortment of emotions that include longing, desire, sorrow and hope. The editorial features models Jonathan and Kevin, and it was published in the first (and last) issue of "8 1/2" magazine.' Homotography

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