Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Francisco Lachowski by Algis Puidokas in Lachowski Exposed

Riding a heat wave that will not fade out anytime soon, Francisco Lachowski and favorite itsnotyou model, is the subject of Essential Hommes’ latest adoration. The latest issue’s cover story sees the Ford model settling into a shoot with Algis Puidokas, where he dishes about being told to watch his build so as to fit smaller silhouettes, innocently adding “but if I work out one day at the gym, my body goes so big!” Styled by Terry Lu in a generous array of denim sans shirt, somehow this was not an issue. - Courtesy of Thefashionisto.com

Bottega Veneta Rockers by Terry Tsiolis for Out September 2010

Out’s resident fashion editor Grant Woolhead teams up with Terry Tsiolis for the September issue to capture Bottega Veneta creative director Tomas Maier’s teddy boy. Shot in black and white, Charlie Westerberg, Mikus Lasmanis, Clinton Jorgenson, Erik Rocca, Miles Garber, Michael Osborn and Wilhelmina’s Adrian come together for a nostalgic throwback with modern implications. Courtesy of Thefashionisto.com

Jakob Vegh by Volker Van Sausen

Tempo model Jakob Vegh photographed by Volker Van Sausen - Courtesy of Thefashionisto.com

Thomas Wyatt by Yu Tsai

DNA model Thomas Wyatt photographed by Yu Tsai and styled by Johnny Wujek for Contributor magazine. Courtesy of thefashionisto.com

Gaga Dogs

Couldn't get a ticket to the Lady Gaga Monster Ball tour? Here are the pooches that took your seats and are the bigger fans then you think you are


"New In Beauty: The Wacky and The Wonderful"

Alright kiddas, so we know that fascinating products are always being produced in this multi-billion dollar beauty industry. And of course, their are the group of individuals obsessed with finding out the next new thing. Some folks just need direction. So follow us leaders. As fashion/beauty writer Cheryl Wischhover puts it, "Yes, there are the old classics that will hopefully never leave us. That iconic pink and green Maybelline Great Lash mascara, the tingle of Noxzema, and perfectly pretty Essie Ballet Slippers. But pick up the Friday WWD or take a quick cruise through your local beauty emporium, and you’ll see all sorts of glamorous (and often confusing) new offerings.

Read on for some of the new things you can expect to see this season.

Volare Hair Dryer: You can consider this either a really expensive hair dryer or a really cheap Ferrari. In one of the stranger collaborations we’ve seen, Conair-owned BaByliss Pro has created the $400 Volare dryer with a Ferrari engine and insert-molded construction to make it more lightweight. This sleek, lipstick red dryer runs on 2,000 watts of power, and this supposedly gives it a longer lifespan. (2,000 hours vs. the usual 500-700 hours, according to WWD). There’s also a Ferrari-approved ball bearing design which reduces friction and vibration. If you like your gadgets high-tech and superhero-worthy, look no further.

Nars’ Line Inspired by Daphne Guinness: You can now channel some of Daphne Guinness’ eccentric style, at least on your eyelids. This fall Nars is introducing a color collection influenced by her, er, exuberance. Daphne is the face of the Fall 2010 campaign and also has an eponymous eye shadow, in a vibrant royal purple shade. Yellow shadow and an aquamarine liner also make an appearance. Neutrals for fall? Not here. Find it at Sephora now.

Beauty for Coffee Addicts: Barista Bath & Body is launching a line of “natural” products which incorporate brewed coffee, ground beans, coffee seed oil, and coffee extracts. They’re offering shampoo, conditioner, and lip balm, as well as bath and body products. The product names are clever, borrowing from the Bliss school of sassy packaging. “Room for cream” and “one lump or two” are two of the better ones. There’s nothing like the smell of freshly brewed coffee, but do you want it in your hair? The products are currently only available on their website, but can a Starbucks partnership be far behind?

The Perfect Post-Summer Hair Mask?: Argan oil has surfaced in all sorts of cosmetics lately, and Kiehl’s is the latest to use this sometimes controversial additive. Argan oil comes from the argan tree, which is now a rare and endangered species found only in Morocco. The production of the oil is controlled by women’s cooperatives in Morocco, and extracted by local Berber women. Through fair-trade, the oil is sold for use in food and cosmetics. Kiehl’s Superbly Smoothing Argan Hair Pak looks absolutely luscious and we need to try it on our fried summer locks. Other argan products are available in the line and they are between $18-$55."

The New Single From MIA

Well it ought to be!

Sandra Bullock: Today Show Interview

Sandra Bullock has her first ever sit-down interview with Matt Lauer on an episode of The Today Show.

'Miss Bullock spoke about how she got involved with Warren Easton Charter High School with board member Arthur Hardy. Here are a few highlights...

Arthur Hardy, on New Orleans welcoming Sandra... “The whole city has fallen in love with her. She belongs to us - don’t mess with Sandra! I’m serious - it’s like, you hurt her, you hurt us, and you better be ready for a fight!”

On finalizing baby Louis‘ adoption... As sterile as the room seemed, it felt so rich - it felt like it was time. And the process is the way that the process is for very, very good reasons and I did not circumvent - I wanted to do everything exactly the same way everyone else did. It was nice to have someone say, ‘I think you’re a good parent.’”

On keeping Louis’ adoption secret for so long and retaining privacy... “It takes good people with integrity. I remember, I read something like ‘How did someone keep a secret?” and it’s - human beings exist that have integrity, that know how to keep their mouth shut - that know the picture, that don’t sell out their friends. Those people are all over the place, but again, we don’t like to talk about it ’cause it doesn’t sell a magazine, but I was blessed with the same friends that I’ve had since before things got really special for me…when things get bad, they’r

She Serves A Cold Hearted Drink

The greatest thing about the late 80s and early 90s is the amazing amount of corny but fun commercials that are now floating around on the web. For instance check out this training video with a pop rap from the home of the Original Chocolate Frosty - Wendy's.

Cold Hearted Snake?

Paula Abdul - Cold Hearted Snake

Tony Ward by Richard Burbridge

The unstoppable Tony Ward covers the upcoming Fall 2010 issue of 10 Men with fantastic photography by Richard Burbridge. - Courtesy of Homotography.blogspot.com

Sleeping Beauty by Laurie Bartley

Sleeping Beauty by Laurie Bartley, Mixte Homme

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