Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paul Newman: 5 Days Of Work. 2 Days Of Freedom. He's Ready!

Legendary Actor Paul Newman is seen in the photo above what looks to be like after having spent several days on set during the 1960s,he's more than prepared to make his way home. Because it's like I say, your home is where you lay your hat. In this instance, it's his briefcase. Newman showcases what it really means how to dress and look quite proper without trying to hard. Like most brilliant actors from that era.

Paul is strutting a leather jacket, which you can never go wrong with unless it's ill-fitting. He parred it with a beige smart shirt and trousers, along with a leather strapped shoes, and rectangular aviators!

Say kiddas, I think it's time to relax. The weekend is here. Just take a cue from Mister Newman!

Paul Newman Was A Great Soul.

Remembering Paul Newman (1925 - 2008)

Dave Letterman Pays Tribute to Paul Newman.

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