Sunday, March 7, 2010

In Bed with Valentin Savchenko

'Valentin Savchenko by Vladimir Glynin with styling by Vadim Galaganov.' - Homotography

Thee 2010 Academy Awards Are Tonight...

And I thought i'd showcase one of thee most brilliant and strong-willed actresses of all time....

This is a class act

The Strange Boys

Here's the video for 'Be Brave', the new single by Texan garage rockers The Strange Boys. Their second album was released just 2 weeks ago so give it an ear full!

A little 'Animals' with a touch of 'the yardbirds', influence the sound of this young and vibrant band...

Chloe Sevigny is looking better than ever and says it’s all down to her rampant sex life.

Fashionista Chloe Sevigny, who looks stellar on the cover of Elle, says her sex life is better than ever at the moment. Wen asked how she manages to look so damn saucy she told Elle Mag... “I’ve just started doing yoga three times a week. “I feel strong and limber, and my sex drive is through the roof!”

But even though Chloe is happier than ever, she still hasn’t figured out that whole man thing(which no one will ever be able to comprehend). She revealed: “‘Men are intimidated by me. “My friends say, ‘You have to find someone more famous and successful than you, or someone who’s so happy with their own life they can handle the attention you get.’

“I want to be worshipped and adored, but then again I also love to be ignored. Hurgh! It’s the same old, same old.”

So is she worried about getting older?

“Getting older doesn’t bother me at all. Well, other than the baby pressure. I do want to have a baby,” she said.

Neil Barrett Fall Winter 2010/11 Menswear

Helena of Troy by Greg Swales

'The Greek mythology Helen of Troy is the inspiration behind this editorial by Toronto-based photographer Greg Swales. His sensual ‘Helena of Troy’ appeared in last year’s issue of Be magazine' - Homotography

Menswear Heaven by Eric Sposito | 160g

'The new March/April 2010 issue of 160g magazine presents menswear heaven in a special fashion portfolio by Eric Sposito that showcases 40 of the most outrageous looks of the Spring season by 20 hot brands. The looks are modeled by about 20 of the freshest faces on the scene.' - Homotography

A Little Glammy, A little Over The Top Perhaps!

Meet DJ Ruth Flowers, the grandmother of Paris nightlife!

DJ Ruth Flowers wants those beats to knock her one good hip out. While most grandmas are sitting at home, this 69-year-old is spinning at clubs all over France. DJ Ruth got the shimmy to dance when she went to her grandson's birthday party at a club.

Disappointed By Alice In Wonderland, Well...

I've got monsters demons and more monsters...

Blow Up Your Pastel Eyebrows and Pastel Hair!

"Colored eyebrows may be the next big trend for AW10. In Milan, Prada’s red eyebrow glasses and Giorgio Armani’s red under brow liner were just the beginning of the trend.

The love child between no eyebrows and pastel hair, the pastel eyebrow, debuted yesterday in Paris at Balenciaga in sea-foam green, rose, sky-blue, citrus yellow, and orange.

While pastel eyebrows are less of a beauty commitment than transforming your whole head to a rosy shade of lilac, they are definitely stranger, and the combo of pastel hair and brows risks verging into Rainbow Brite territory.

A pastel brow with super-dark or extreme bleached hair seems wearable though, and just the fix for the dye-job noncommittal. The sea-foam green brow packs the most punch, and, honestly, we’d love to see it in real life. (Maybe above our own eyes?)

We can’t call it a trend yet since it’s only appeared on one runway, but we’re sure easter-egg colored brows will make making the rounds in editorials this summer/fall." Fashionista

Color me sky-blue, citrus yellow, and orange all over!

Sade by Joan Alsina | El Mundo Magazine

'Sade by Joan Alsina for El Mundo magazine' - Homotography

Perfect Union by Yu Tsai | Flaunt

'‘Perfect Union’ by Yu Tsai in an earlier issue of Flaunt magazine' - Homotography

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chelsea Handler Stops By The Tonight Show

And when Chelsea stops by any show, you kiddas know that this always makes me really really happy! Besides being one of the most hilarious women on the planet...she also has a humble side to herself that we dont always get to see until now!

Part 1

Part 2

31st Street Beach by Mariano Vivanco | Numéro Homme

'Mariano Vivanco and Nicola Formichetti team up in the new issue of Numéro Homme magazine for an extremely sexy denim editorial entitled, 31st Street Beach. 19 year-old newcomer from St. Louis, Missouri Ryan Mertz [Next] is joined at the famous Lake Michigan, Chicago beach by Tim Hernandez [DNA] and Alejandro [Ford Homme].' - Homotography

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