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Adele Returns For Her First Peformances Off Her Upcoming Album

When I first read of Adele's description for her first single "Rolling in the Deep" describing it as “gospel disco”, I was instantly enthralled. After watching her first live performance of the tune, I get exactly what she meant. Showcasing since her initial debut, some 2 years ago, Adele's voice is equally as extraordinary as the brilliant singers that came before her (Dusty Springfield, Christina Aguilera, Peggy Lee, Rudy Bennett-lead singer of 60s group Shocking Blue).

Adele swung by "The Ellen Show" for the US debut performance of her tune off her sophomore album "21". Like the first album, "19", the follow-up is something to anticipate based on just the single alone! The tune is infectious carrying what I like to call, a soul-binding colossal effect! Dig it below kiddas.

Entrance yourselves kiddas, with another helping of a new track off Adele's soon to be reealsed album "21" entitled, "Someone Like You". This is a signature Adele track and has classic depth that will be played for years to come. Dig her live performance of “Someone Like You” on the Later With Jools Holland!

Come Back by Will Davidson

Will Davidson directed the short film 'Come Back' for Russh magazine #37 in collaboration with Belvedere Vodka. The film features models Larry Scott and Irina Lazareanu, styled by Stevie Dance. Courtesy of - Homotography

Cut & Paste by Damien Blottière ft. Christian Ochsenfahrt

Damien Blottière continues to impress with his creative photography in the December 2010 issue of Dazed & Confused. Highlighting the minimalism of Calvin Klein’s SS11 collection, the editorial 'Cut & Paste' features models Christian Ochsenfahrt and Victoire Macon Dauxerre, styled by Robbie Spencer with hair by Nicolas Eldin and makeup by Sergio Corvacho. Courtesy of - Homotography

Photography Spotlight | Julia Hetta

We turn our spotlight to the work of Swedish photographer Julia Hetta. A graduate of Amsterdam’s Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Julia paints with her camera portraits that carry a renaissance romanticism and emotional depth; drawing you closer to the image and connecting you with the subjects. Courtesy of - Homotography

Manuel Traxler by Julia Spicker | Sweetest Hangover

Major/Wiener model Manuel Traxler has the Sweetest Hangover in the new 11th issue of Vangardist magazine with photography by Julia Spicker, styling by Mirza Sprecakovic and grooming by Maja Ferizovic. Courtesy of - Homotography

Rock Band Carney Are Now Monarchy Men

It was one year ago exactly when we first featured the rock group "Carney". The brothers and band members comprised of Reeve and Zane Carney are lending in a hand in relaunching the men’s fashion label "Monarchy". What they're doing exactly? Well they've just shot a music/look book video collection.

The traditional look book was shot simultaneously for the brand, which is made up from their Spring '11 collection. Dig it below...

On a quick side note kiddas...not only is lead singer/guitarist Reeve Carney as yummy sounding behind the mic as he is to look at. Yes i have quite thee crush. And not ashamed of it. He is also playing Spider-Man, in "Turn Off the Dark" working alongside U2's Bono and The Edge on their new superhero musical! What a combo huh. What a man.

1 scoop!

2 scoops!!

3 scoops please!!!

Michael Caine Is A Simple Winter Elegance on "The Italian Job"

Michael Caine starred in 1969's original cinema classic "The Italian Job" later re-made in 20th century starring Charlize Theron. Michael played Charlie Croker, "a thief who with the help of his gang steals 4 million dollars of gold in Turin, Italy. Croker and his friends manage to get the gold out of Turin after creating a traffic chaos & racing thru the city's streets and buildings. However when they're in the heights of the Italian Alps near the border with Switzerland they encounter trouble; their van is almost falling off a cliff, and with it the gold."

Late 1960s fashion like double breasted suits, psychedelic print shirts, and turtlenecks were all staples in those times. Michael Caine shows how a turtleneck is worn. A perfect choice in my opinion for every Fall/Winter season. It's simple, sophisticated, and versatile. Turtlenecks was and continues to play an important role in fashion.

This season kiddas, you can strut a turtleneck just like Michael, or you can add some color and contrast with a suit of some sort. It's all up to you!

The Italian Job (1969) Theatrical Trailer.

"A brief clip of an interview with Michael Caine in the mid-sixties. His views on British society at that time."

"Parkinson talks to Michael Caine about how he does convincing American accents, and how he really feels about getting older. Interesting talk show clip from the BBC."

Why I Would Choose Commercial Work Over Editorials. Although Don't Get Me Wrong, They're A Whole Lotta Fun!

Have you ever wondered why your favorite model to follow is staying away from the latest pages of V-Magazine and instead opting for the catalog pages of Topshop? Well it's simple, it's all about the money honey. Commercial gigs pays so much morethan editorials. For instance would I be proud if I once again had the honor of walking a London Based designers collection during fashion week? Yes of course. But... would I be more enthused with my Bloomingdale's paycheck?

Thanks to Jezebel, the facts are put on paper for you kiddas. " The invoice, shown below, lists money balances to model Anna Jagodzinska, and happens to work perfectly as evidence in the case with models Jagodzinska, Anne Aleksandra Cywinska, and Karmen Pedaru’s against their agency "Next". The plaintiffs specify that they've been jilted over several hundred thousand dollars by the agency. Sounds not good kiddas.

According to reports, "Next, in return, sued the models’ new agency Ford, for poaching them while they were still under contract. Then, Ford countersued Next for poaching their bookers. Yes, this all really happened."

The point is.... even American Vogue, apparently with its Conde Nast cash, doesn't have enough to pay much to their models. As it appears in the invoice below, there's a list of Anna Jagodzinska’s bookings and what she’s still owed. Either way, some companies such as Vogue, usually are paying on a hourly rate. Where the likes of J.Crew and H&M rates are most likely for an entire's day of work or possibly a couple days. Below is a clearer indication of what some companies are all about!

Grey Paris (Advertising Agency with huge clients): $172,500
H&M: $60,000
American Vogue: $225
J.Crew: $50,000
Laird and Partners (Gap and tons of luxury brands): $35,000

I wouldn't mind being hired by J.Crew for their next season's catalog collection. I'm just saying...

Band: Kraftwerk
Tune: The Model

Ryan Gosling Covers 'New York' Magazine

Ryan Gosling kills its with just a basic buttoned white tee parred along with black trousers on the new cover of NY magazine’s December issue. The "Blue Valentine" actor spilled his thoughts about his film’s rating, the differences between his film choices and staying in the moment. Dig it below!

On the MPAA’s NC-17 rating for Blue Valentine...“[They're saying it's] okay supporting scenes that portray women in scenarios of sexual torture and violence for entertainment purposes, but they are trying to force us to look away from a scene that shows a woman in a sexual scenario, which is both complicit and complex.”

You don’t have kids yourself, right...? "Yeah, I was at a disadvantage during the movie because Michelle's really living this. But my character also was a kid himself and was pretty oblivious to the idea of responsibility, so I think that it worked!"

Some things are so unexpected — you on the ukulele, Michelle doing a little soft-shoe … Who knew Michelle could name all the presidents?

Did that feel different, working this way...? There was nothing we weren’t prepared for. Actors spend so much time on what’s in their wallet and every little detail, but most of the time you feel like you’re just getting started. When you work this way you get to flesh everything out, and you really feel like you really explored this person.

All Good Things co-star Kirsten Dunst, on Ryan... ““Ryan is kind and adorable, yet also really dark and weird and manipulative. Everything you’d want in an actor.”

And you’ve been busy with your music project, Dead Man’s Bones..."The music is spooky doo-wop. We wanted to put on a show that was like an elementary-school version of a Robert Wilson play, like a real lo-fi super-abstract kids' play. In our imaginations it was possible, but in reality it was the most expensive show ever, so we just stuck with the record. Making music is cheaper and can be just as effective."

And that seems like such a non-commercial thing to do..."Well, I’m totally addicted to YouTube movies, stuff that some kids made in an hour in the bathroom, but it’s so great. All that stuff, you just can’t make money on it, that’s the only downside. Sometimes it’s hard to make money off of things you like to do. The more I do it, the more I think it’s a bad idea.

So you won’t be playing a superhero anytime soon...?Those things are really hard, man. I don’t do them out of fear, because I really think the people that do those CGI movies are great actors. To make believe that some giant is chasing you when a giant is not chasing you … That’s acting. It’s easier to do things that are more true to life. If I had to act right now like some monster just crashed through the building, you wouldn’t hire me.

On staying in the moment...“I know it sounds dramatic, but every movie I make is the first and last. It’s important for me to think that the things you’ve made, they’re in the past. It’s what you’re making now that matters.”

Dig the rest of the article here...NYMag.com!

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