Monday, February 28, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld Lazy? So He Says.

Journalist Hilary Alexander, had the pleasure of interviewing Karl Lagerfeld during his preparation for Chanel‘s spring haute couture show. She also got an extra dose of awesomeness, when Karl opened up to her about his expectations that he places on himself. Karl says, "I always think I’m lazy and I could do better". From what I read kiddas, Lagerfeld also admits that he dressed-up for the interview, strutting a navy blue and gray outfit rather than thee expected black suit because it dawned on him that those color schemes transcended better on TV.

Dig it below...

Controlled Restraint by Rokas Rach

"Models Oscar Spendrup and Wael Sersoub star in the editorial "Controlled Restraint" by Rokas Rach from the latest issue of Hysteria magazine, styled by Mervyn Boriwondo." -Homotography

Thomas Penfound & Timothy Kelleher by Alastair Strong

"D1 models Thomas Penfound and Timothy Kelleher are photographed by Alastair Strong for the Spring/Summer 2011 issue of Volt Man magazine. The boys were styled by Jason Leung with hair by Cher Savery and makeup by Philippe Miletto." -Homotography

Mr Lipop London Fall/Winter 2011-12 Show

"Mr Lipop London Fall/Winter 2011.2012 runway show in London".-Homotography

Cedric Gervais Starring Mya - Love Is The Answer

Mya returns to the dance floor with a first released track from producer/DJ Ricky Gervais' forthcoming album "Miamication".

The high octane feet mover is the beginning of Mya's return to the musique industry after her win on America's TV show "Dancing with the Stars". While adding the finishing touches to her own new album, which currently is in the works, Mya is quoted describing the record as having an "electro-dance-rock vibe". Turn it up right below kiddas.

Tune: Love is the Answer

Mya on her new Cedric Gervais track.

Jimmy K!

Have you purchased your Hottie Body Hump kiddas? "Last year Jimmy Kimmel hired established actors to aid him in "Handsome Men Club", a sketch for post-Oscar episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live". This year, he brings in the ladies. From Jessica Alba to Scarlett Johansson to Lindsay Lohan, these actresses were willing to hump the pilates balls just for Kimmel."

Paul Boche & Ian O'Brien by Billy Kidd

"Billy Kidd shot Paul Boche & Ian O'Brien in a Siki Im special for Soma magazine" -Homotography

Andrej Pejic by Sabine Villiard

"Andrej Pejic, one of Homotography’s five Favorite 2010 Models, is photographed by Sabine Villiard for >bmm magazine, with makeup by Jabe Vincent." -Homotography

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh Land and Itsnotyouitsme's Anthony De La Cruz

From over the seas to meet us in Chinatown in Downtown Los Angeles the beautiful and talented Oh Land meets with Anthony De La Cruz of your very own

Oh Land performed a special art gallery set on their promotional visit to the golden state but don't fret they will return for another proper visit. Check for tour dates in your city.

Check out a live and original performance of Oh Land below!

Itsnotyouitsme Report 54: Things to Know

Photobucket This kitten isn't going outside in the freezing he or she brought the sledding action indoors! - via

Photobucket Actress Emmy Rossum Talks SEX...*****? - via

Photobucket "Britney Spears Made $500K From Product Placement". - via

Photobucket "The House That Fun Built of the Day: Yokohama-based LEVEL Architects’ “House with Slide” is a private, three-story residence located in the Higashiyama district of Meguro City in Tokyo." - via

Photobucket ET Phoned Home And Is Now Back! - via

Photobucket Sad, Just Plain Sad. - via

Photobucket Natalie Portman Unrobes For 'Miss Dior Cherie'. - via

Photobucket Puppy/Monkey Love. Ain't It Grand?! - via

Photobucket "Beyoncé Does Blackface For L’Officiel Paris: In what is billed as a “return to her African roots,” Beyoncé agreed to be photographed in blackface and tribal markings for the 90th anniversary cover of L’Officiel Paris. Offensive or not? You decide. Everyone has an opinion." - via

Photobucket "Diane von Furstenberg Releases Vintage Wrap Dresses: DVF has been in the news a lot the past few weeks for her criticism of Michelle Obama, her recent skiing accident, and apologizing for using underage models. But let’s remember why she’s so famous in the first place: those timeless, flattering wrap dresses. This week she’s releasing dresses and tops in multiple lengths in vintage DVF prints". - via

Photobucket "Anna Wintour Gives Her Stamp of Approval to Christopher’s Kane J Brand Line: The editor also gushes that she is a “huge fan” of the British designer. We can already tell that this collaboration is going to be good". - via

Photobucket "Fingerpaint Your Face–Beauty Inspiration From LFW: British designers are known for their love of color (colour?) and kookiness, and the makeup looks on London runways point to a decidedly colorful Fall 2011". - via

Photobucket "Joe Zee Hits the Bunny Slopes (In Dolce & Gabbana, Of Course): Can this man get any more fabulous and adorable? We vote no, especially after watching this hilarious video of the Elle Creative Director learning to ski with a bunch of kiddies". - via

Photobucket "Michelle Obama Gets a New Stylist: Meredith Koop, former personal assistant of Mobama’s stylist Ikram Goldman has reportedly been tapped to take over the job. Hopefully Koop’s choices will please the millions of First Lady fashion fans". - via

Photobucket "Net-a-Porter For Men Opens Shop: Finally, for all of you fashionable men out there, Net-a-Porter has officially launched Mr. Featured designers include Margiela, Lanvin, and Rag & Bone." - via

Photobucket Pilati Isn’t Going Anywhere: YSL confirmed via Twitter today that the rumor that this would be Stefano Pilati’s last season at YSL is just that–a rumor. “From YSL HQ in Paris… Pilati busy working on the next collection. All the rumors unfounded – he is here to stay,” the tweet read. Rumors always come from somewhere, and this one’s been floating around for a while. But we’ve got to believe YSL, and hope Pilati blows us out of the water with his fall collection next week. - via

Photobucket "Get a Glimpse of Natalie Portman’s Tutus: Six of the ethereal tutus Portman wore in Black Swan will be on display as part of the exhibit “Rodarte: States of Matter” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago." - via

Photobucket Lily Cole’s True Passion is for Acting: The flame-haired model says that her days on the catwalk have been a blessing and a curse on her future career as a serious actress. Cole will star in Chekhov’s The Seagull in March at Cambridge University - via

Photobucket "Chanel and Colette Team Up for an Epic Pop-Up Shop: Karl has combined high fashion, visual arts, and rock ‘n’ roll for a collaboration with hip Paris boutique, Colette. Open from March 1-10 visitors can shop the Chanel Spring 2011 collection, get their nails done, munch on cupcakes, and get their Chanel bags customized by graffiti artists in a converted garage." - via

Photobucket "Christopher Kane For J Brand Details: The Brit’s collaboration with the denim line will launch as part of his resort 2012 collection. Last year J Brand, who is a strong supporter of young British designers, created a limited edition Christopher Kane/J Brand jean. The duo hope the collaboration will be a lasting one." - via

Photobucket "Kirsten Dunst, Naked, Lion: Ms. Dunst’s new Bulgari fragrance ad is sexy but also kind of funny. Oh, and cheers to Danica for coming up with the most SEO-friendly headline ever." - via

Photobucket "Gayle King Tries to Shock Lady Gaga by Greeting Her in a One-Piece Spanx, Fishnets, and Pumps." - via

Photobucket James Franco's Moment of the Day. Sleeping next to 2 pussies?! - via

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