Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lily Allen Is Back...Just Not With A New Album

British singer-songwriter extraordinaire Lily Allen has a new job title to add to her resume. After opening a vintage shop named 'Lucy in Disguise' with her sister Sarah Owen, it has been a mere six months, but the designing bug has already bitten Lily. According to Elle UK, with whom Lily spoke with, says she opted to open a clothing shop for the following reasons: "1. We love vintage & 2. We’re not clothing designers."

Hah. Spoke to soon Lily. She's already sketched and prepared 18 ready-to-wear garment selections that will include dresses.

WWD reports that, Lily ran with the idea of Lucy as "a time-traveling fashionista who’s inviting you to explore her wardrobe." Allen's sister, Sarah Owens, also spoke to Fashionista telling them that the clothing line is, "much more old school like ’30s and ’40s."

This means kiddas, there will be plenty of tea dresses and sequined gowns galore to choose from. Just dig the sketches yourselves right below.

Tune: Not Fair

Tune: Fuck You

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