Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rachel Bilson Magnum Ice Cream Girl Ft. Baptiste Giabiconi

Who knew premium Belgian Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Bars could be so sexy and yummy at the same time? Check out this short video directed by style god Karl Lagerfeld featuring actress Rachel Bilson and Lagerfeld male muse Baptiste Giabiconi. Quite yummy yes?

In the sensory-rich films, Rachel Bilson plays the heroine in three distinct vignettes. "Photo Mood" features Rachel Bilson as an annoyed famous model who finds the pleasure she's been seeking in the form of a smooth and delicious Magnum ice cream bar. "Applause" stars Rachel Bilson as a world-renowned prima ballerina who, when unexpectedly faced with an over-zealous throng of fans and the amorous embrace of her boyfriend, played by internationally renowned model Baptiste Giabiconi, evades them all to savor a moment for herself by enjoying a Magnum bar. In "Art Class," Rachel Bilson is an art student obsessed by her strong desire for a Magnum ice cream bar, and is then inspired to create a beautiful work of art as she satisfies her craving.

Below is also the making of the Lagerfeld/Bilson topped with Baptiste goodness.

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Anonymous said...

what brand are the sunglasses that he has?

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