Thursday, April 7, 2011

Britney Spears Dances Till the World Ends

With her second single off of her album Femme Fetale Britney Spears is in top form in this apocalyptic video from director Ray Kay for her Ke$ha peened dance hit 'Till The World Ends'.

The fit and well choreographed Spears is the perfection of a pop icon and it serves her well as her album is now number one on the album charts and rightfully so.

Dig the infectious track and video below!

DAZED & CONFUSED — MARCH 2009 by Carlotta Manaigo

photographer: Carlotta Manaigo
stylist: Robbie Spencer
MODEL(S): Jakob Wiechmann
Courtesy of -

Saint-Germain by Dancian

Spring/Summer 2011 has been a good season for Malthe Madsen, he appears in Versace's biker-chic campaign alongside Victor Nylander, and a plethora of editorials. For this edit for L'Officiel Hommes NL, shot by Dancian and styled by Jo Marker, Malthe lounges in the streets of Paris' artsy neighborhood, Saint-Germain, in light and flowy pieces that evoke the romanticism that Paris effuses. Courtesy of -

Raeve by Rene Habermacher

Rene Habermacher and Jean-Luce Francaise mix gore and macabre into a thing of beauty and elegance for "Raeve", starring Matvey Lykov and Willy Cartier. Courtesy of -

Kinky Business by Damon Baker

Kinky Business by Damon Baker in the Playfully Decadent issue no. 10 of Fiasco. Courtesy of -

Kate Winslet Unrobed

Actress extraordinaire,Kate Winslet, star of arguably one of the best films of all time, "Titanic", is seeing her nude drawing from the film being auctioned off. It is reportedly being sold for $16,000. Whoo! What would Jack think about all this?

As most of you i'm sure already know, the famous image depicts Kate’s character, Rose, laying naked on a chaise only wearing the infamous blue diamond necklace.

Jacques Dutronc Is Blue

Jacques Dutronc doesn't let a little rain damper on his parade as he sits in a striking pose on a rooftop in Paris, France. His impeccable blue suit, sans a neck tie, fits perfectly with the luscious backdrop.

Tune: Et moi, et moi, et moi

Tune: Dutronc L'opportuniste 1968

Tune: Les PlayBoys

Vogue Paris Meets Duran Duran

Catch these smokin' hot ladies on film while shooting an editorial for Vogue Paris’ October edition. The short fashion film entitled, “Girls on Film” was directed by Inez & Vinoodh. Models Anja, Isabeli, and Natasha demonstrate what all us models know how to do best, Vogue.

Duran Duran's 1980's classic tune only helps enrich thee already vivacious photo shoot.

James Franco Is A Renaissance Man

James Franco tells it like it is on last night's, 'The Colbert Report'. In a country where curiosity is deemed dangerous, I believe James put it best when he said, " Interpretive art, it is not a creative art".

Watch below as James freely interchanges dramedic conversation with Mister Colbert.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Udderly Amazing: Girl Teaches Cow to Jump

A 15-year-old German girl could not have a horse, so she trained one of her family's cows to become a show jumper. Luna the cow has come to navigate the pasture with equine ease.

It is better to make do with what you have rather then sit around complaining about what you don't.

Make the jump below!

Callum Wilson by Leon Mark

photographer: Leon Mark
stylist: Matthew Stevenson-Wright
MODEL(S): Callum Wilson
Courtesy of -

10MEN — SPRING 2009 by Jacob Sutton

photographer: Jacob Sutton
stylist: Elliott Smedley
MODEL(S):Dennis Johnson; Iso Deljanin; Jakob Wiechmann; Luke Stevens; Tobias Lundh. Courtesy of -

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