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Bjork Sneek Peek 'Road to Crystalline' with Her Ipad in Tow

Bjork has released a video of her very own self driving (Yes DRIVING! and its a stick shift - Bjork can do it all!) where we presume is in her homeland of Iceland listening to her very own new track entitled 'Road to Crystalline'.

The track is off her upcoming album Biophilia which has been described as "most ambitious work to date".

When Apple announced details of its iPad early last year, it acted as a catalyst for what would become Biophilia, Björk's seventh and most elaborate album, the title of which means "love of life or living systems". Along with a conventional album release, complete with music videos – at least one of which has been directed by Eternal Sunshine's Michel Gondry – Biophilia will also be released as an "app album" and premiered as a multimedia live extravaganza at MIF.

Biophilia for iPad will include around 10 separate apps, all housed within one "mother" app. Each of the smaller apps will relate to a different track from the album, allowing people to explore and interact with the song's themes or even make a completely new version. It will also be an evolving entity that will grow as and when the album's release schedule dictates, with new elements added. Scott Snibbe, an interactive artist who was commissioned by Björk last summer to produce the app, as well as the images for the live shows (which will combine his visuals with National Geographic imagery, mixed live from iPads on the stage), describes how Björk saw the possibilities of using apps, not as separate to the music, but as a vital component of the whole project. "Björk's put herself way at the forefront here by saying, 'We'll release this album and these apps at the same time and they're all part of the same story.' The app is an expression of the music, the story and the idea."

For one song, Virus, the app will feature a close-up study of cells being attacked by a virus to represent what Snibbe calls: "A kind of a love story between a virus and a cell. And of course the virus loves the cell so much that it destroys it." The interactive game challenges the user to halt the attack of the virus, although the result is that the song will stop if you succeed. In order to hear the rest of the song, you have to let the virus take its course. Using some artistic license, the cells will also mouth along to the chorus. It's this determination to fuse different elements together – be it juxtaposing a female choir from Greenland with the bleeps and glitches of electronic music pioneers Matmos during the Vespertine tour, or meshing soaring strings and jagged beats on the Homogenic album – that helps explain the power and success of Björk's collaborations.

Talking to Pitchfork back in 2007, Björk outlined the importance of being "really loyal and precious about collaboration", taking her time to find the right people and remaining faithful to previous collaborators – the whole Biophilia project, for example, is being art-directed by M/M (Paris), with whom she's worked since 2001's Vespertine album. "I don't think you should even go into [a collaboration] unless you think it's the absolute right thing to do, and that you have equal things to give each other," she added.

"Björk is the master collaborator," confirms Snibbe. "She has a really strong vision, but she's really open and welcoming to ideas from her collaborators."

Another of Björk's Biophilia cohorts was an Icelandic organ maker called Björgvin Tómasson, who received a call from her last summer. Following a meeting in Iceland, Tómasson was given the job of creating two brand new instruments: one, a small organ controlled via MIDI equipment, allowing Björk to play it using a computer; the other, an old celeste that was rebuilt to incorporate the sounds of a traditional gamelan (Björk refers to this new hybrid instrument as a "gameleste"). "Prior to this experience, I would never have thought of the possibility of doing anything like this to a 100-year-old instrument," Tómasson says. "A new instrument was created in that moment."

In a career noted for its constant evolution, Biophilia represents Björk's biggest leap forward. While her previous work has focused mainly on the inner self and the minute details, this album and app project explodes the scope on to the macro level, taking in the entire universe and drawing far-reaching parallels between the ever-evolving technological landscape and the natural landscape around us. It proves once again that Björk is an artist who's unafraid to step into the unknown • Courtesy of guardian.co.uk
Take a drive with Bjork and her 'Road to Crystalline' which is expected to release late June.

björk - road to crystalline from Björk on Vimeo.

Isaac, Michael, and Sid by Niall O’Brien

photographer: Niall O’Brien
stylist: Nancy Rohde
MODEL(S): Isaac Carew; Michael Walsh; Sid Ellisdon
Courtesy of - steelmachines.wordpress.com

Move It By by Simon Burstall

Photographed by Simon Burstall
Fashion Editor: Karina Givargisoff
Hair by Enrico Mariotti at See Management
Shot at Milk Studios, special thanks to Bevan
Models: Lenz, William and Christian at VNY Models. Courtesy of - thecontributingeditor.com

Happy birthday Jean-Michel by Michael Woolley

Photography by Michael Woolley
Styling by Alessandro Calascibetta
Model : Ty Ogunkoya @ Why Not Model
Magazine: Style July/August 2010. Courtesy of - Life is a Puzzle

The Noble Experiment by Alex Wagner

photographer: Alex Wagner
stylist: John Tan
MODEL(S): Isaac Weber; Jakob Hybolt; Lowell Tautchin; Oskar Tranum; Paul Boche

Repost: Will Ferrell Starring In The Film: "Everything Must Go"

Will Ferrell has new indie-dramedy out in theaters now. The comedic actor finds himself in not such quite comfortable territories as he tackles the role of a relapsed alcoholic Nick Halsey, a down on his luck guy who loses his job and his marriage on the same day.

This is somewhat of a transition from the normal goofy/genius comedies Ferrell is known to star in. But like any natural talent, it was only a matter of time until Will starred in a film that will showcase his dramatic acting chops.


"When an alcoholic relapses, causing him to lose his wife and his job, he holds a yard sale on his front lawn in an attempt to start over. A new neighbor might be the key to his return to form."

Let me tell you kiddas one thing. This is a novelty story that never gets old. You sometimes find yourself walking aimlessly through this world, searching for a purpose. Than a stranger walks into your life, and your world is forever turned upside down. If you take these fleeting, or sometimes longer lasting experiences, and make them worth your while, you will most certainly manifest with greater wisdom and dignity.

Terry Richardson & Jessica Stam Team Up

Terry Richardson & Jessica Stam team up for one yummy Mercedes-Benz commercial! Model Jessica Stam portrays what seems to be a femme fatale like spy of some sort making it her mission to retrieve a new Benz A-Class. For me, it's very reminiscent a la Michelle Phieffer as Catwoman in the greatest Batman film trilogy of the 90's, 'Batman Returns'.

Terry Richardson directs Jessica in hot pink stilleto's and a minidress while she shake rattles and rolls (literally) underneath a closing garage door. She ends the commcercial stroking the Mercedes A-Class in a beautifully seductive manner that would make the bluest of skies blush. Jessica looks simply s'wonderful.

Revel in all the hot smokin' advertising below kiddas.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in "Batman Returns".

Monday, June 6, 2011

Roger Vadim and Jane Fonda

French director Roger Vadim along with then wife, legend actress Jane Fonda, were snapped during the mid to late 1960's era in the photo opt above wearing spiffy outfits that show the couple arriving at a working facility of some sort. Roger wears a suit that demonstrates the correct choosing for any true dapper-dandy man. On the same hand, Jane's stellar choice of strutting a mini dress with an opened coat parred alongside a pair of what appears to be suede boots, make these coupling darlings a smash in my book.

On The Merv Griffin Show.

Superhero Films - Barbarella.

Herrreh Spider-Spider-Spiderrr!

This kitty aint afraid of no ghost, or anything else for that matter. Scope out all the Poisonous venom below while catching this slippery kitty in action.

via omgblog.com

Rosso & Nero by Damien Blottière

Photography by Damien Blottière @ ArtlistParis
Styling by Nik Piras @ AtlistParis
Model: Nicolas Ripoll @ Bananas
Magazine: March issue of Velvet

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