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Kylie Minogue Presents Debbie Harry With Ultimate Icon Award

The original Blonde front-woman and all around favorite here at Debbie Harry was presented with the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Icon Award in London this past week by none other then Dance diva and fan of the 'Icon', Kylie Minogue. "You know she's just she's the greatest so it was an honour to come and present her with her award tonight."

The 66 year old Blondie singer is currently promoting her new album "Panic Of Girls" with Blondie and were hoping this first time meet between the two pop icons will result in some pretty Kylie/Debbie tunes in the future! We can dream right?

'Blondie' is 'Ultimate Icon' by reuters

Marc Jacobs Interview: The Louis Vuitton Woman

American fashion designer Marc Jacobs is interviewed by explaining his thoughts on who the Louis Vuitton Woman is past and present time. In the interview the designer opens the discussion explaining change as a "great and horrible thing" also saying that "without change you just don't move." A must listen interview as he explains who the 'Vuitton' women is and why she is also an extrovert.

Marvel at the mind of Marc Jacobs below!

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Burnout by Jeff Bark

© by Bullett / Photography Jeff Bark / Styling Sah D’Simone, Evren Catlin / Models Paul Boche, Jeremy Wardlaw, German Ruiz, Nick Marini, Luciano Buttendorf / Via Steelmachines. Courtesy of -

Orange Crush by Niclas Heikkinen

One of our favourite labels of the moment is the menswear label Casely Hayford. Their pieces are beautifully tailored with a modern edge and timeless at the same time, a quality which we like very much. Back in January when the menswear AW11 collections were shown in Paris and Milan we reported how bold colours were popping up in collections such as Louis Vuitton, Thierry Mugler and Alexander McQueen, for this Orange Crush blog story we dressed up Misa (M&P) for the streets and punctuated the looks by red-orange details.

Photography&Styling - Niclas Heikkinen
Grooming - Sung Hee Park
Model - Misa @ M&P

Courtesy of

More Or Less By Nikolai De Vera

© by The Ones2Watch / Photography Nikolai De Vera / Styling Victor Gonzales / Grooming Imane / Model Gus Drake at Root Management. Courtesy of -

LA DECADANSE by Marcus Ohlsson

photographer: Marcus Ohlsson
stylist: Naomi Itkes
MODEL(S): Alexander Johansson
Courtesy of -

Full Performance| Mary J. Blige Rearranges Someone To Love Me Live With Jools Holland

Last week we teased you with a sample of Mary J. Blige performing a reworked version of her track 'Somebody To Love' with talk show host Jules Holland off her upcoming album My Life II... The Journey Continues (Act 1), which will be released November 21, 2011.

The performance and vocals are beautiful as the soon to be 41 year old American singer-songwriter, record producer and actress lays it all out with Jools Holland accompaning on piano.

Anna Wintour Fashion Night Out Japan takes a look at Anna Wintour recent trip to Japan and her comments on the island countries take on fashion. Writer Dhani Mau has the inside scoop.

As you may have heard, Japan’s Fashion’s Night Out took place on Saturday and, thanks to a big push from Anna Wintour, was one of the biggest ever produced. 400 retailers participated, as did the top editors from all of the Vogues internationally. Designers like Michael Kors, Burberry’s Christopher Bailey, Roberto Cavalli, Derek Lam, Thom Browne, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim came out to show their support as well.
Despite the many recognizable fashion faces in Tokyo this weekend, Wintour was the one who “ascended to rock star status,” according to WWD (of course she’s ‘big in Japan’). Apparently, shoppers were following her, yelling her name and constantly snapping photos. But the Conde team wasn’t just there for photo ops. They were there to support Japan in reinvigorating their retail business post-earthquake and take in Japanese fashion.

According to WWD, Conde chairman Jonathan Newhouse broke into song at one of the FNO events and Wintour, after visiting with several local designers, told the Wall Street Journal all about her enthusiasm for Japanese fashion and the role it has globally. Plus, she had some interesting–and commendable–things to say about the criticism placed on women in positions of power in response to Japanese Cabinet Minister Renho’s controversial Vogue photoshoot from last year.

On Japanese street style compared to that of the New York and Europe:

-This is just original and fearless and independent and individual. It reminds me, in a way, of the streets of London. They have fun with it.

It’s just fantastic to see so much creativity on the street. You really don’t see that so much in New York. It tends to be a much more blue-jeans-and-T-shirt world.
There was a lot of hair, a lot of hair going on. Mostly colored hair. And actually, I have to say that the young men tend to take a little bit more risk than the women. It was fantastic.

On how Japanese designers could build a broader audience by being more like Michael Kors:

-I think what they really need to work a little more on possibly is more global recognition. That does mean really visiting New York, visiting London. I think today, particularly, the customer is very interested in personal contact.

Somebody who is like a Michael Kors, who is here with us to celebrate Japan’s Fashion’s Night Out, goes on a trunk show, which is an old-fashioned way of when you brought your trunks to the department stores to show your clothes to the customer — I mean, speaking just for the Americans, they love it. They love to know the designer.

On Japanese minister of government revitalization Renho being reprimanded by lawmakers for posing inside Japan’s parliament building for a Japanese Vogue photo shoot:

-When women are in positions of power, and they’re featured in a women’s magazine like Vogue…they tend to be incredibly unfairly criticized. It’s an incredibly old-fashioned approach. Just because you’re in a position of power, and you look good and you enjoy fashion — does that mean you’re an idiot, or that it’s not seemly to be in a woman’s magazine? If a man is in GQ, they don’t get the same kind of criticism.

Spying Game by Niclas Heikkinen

Inspired by what she calls spy chic, the stylist Larissa De Filippo outfits the new face boys Charlie (Premier) and Joseph (Storm) with labels such as Fred Perry, Paul&Joe and Rag&Bone finishing off most of the looks either with Givenchy eyewear or with the luxurious leather bags from Bill Amberg. Grey, beige, camel, navy and uniform green are mixed and matched giving the story a slight retro feel to it. Courtesy of

Whatever You Think, You Become By Hedi Slimane

© by i-D / Photography Hedi Slimane / Styling Sarah Richardson / Models Andy Lovelee, Alexey Galetsky, Taylor Edward / Via Steelmachines. Courtesy of -

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