Thursday, May 31, 2012

Garbage Have Become Immature In NYC

Like a moth to a flame Garbage return to the New York City Stage to perform new songs songs from their album "Blood For Poopies" including past Garbage classic's (such as the re-worked and now Giorgio Moroder sounding "Stupid Girl") and be sure to catch a mini interview with Garbage at the end of the performances where Shirley Manson lets us in on her Mad Men TV cravings and why she isn't mature for her age.

Press Play below!

Art Nouveau By Eric Nehr

Numero Homme #23 Models Adrien Sahores and Thomas Burkovatz Ph Eric Nehr St Serge Girardi Numero's resident stylist-extraordinaire Serge Girardi works with photographer Eric Nehr for this beautiful shoot for the latest issue of Numero Homme. Adrien Sahores and Thomas Burkovatz don some SS12's most elegant and buzzworthy pieces. Courtesy of -

Chanel Pre-Fall 2012 By Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld's opulent Pre-Fall 2012 collection, dubbed "Paris-Bombay" for its rich Indian references, takes a darker, more somber tone for the campaign. The German designer shot the campaign and tapped male muse Baptiste Giabiconi to star it in alognside Daria Strokous. Courtesy of -

Meet The Artie's By Santiago Ruisenor

Elle Man Mexico - June 2012 Models James Smith, Charlie France, Milo Spijkers, and Philipp Bierbaum Ph Santiago Ruisenor St John Tan Sharp summer outfits are plentiful in this colorful and youthful shoot from Santiago Ruisenor and John Tan for Elle Man Mexico's latest issue. Any man can find inspiration from the looks shown, from lightweight summer suits to weekend looks that are equal parts effortless and chic. Courtesy of -

Leisure Lover By Dario Salamone

Essential Homme - May 2012 Model Diego Fragoso Ph Dario Salamone St Matteo Greco Brazilian model Diego Fragoso covers up his tattoos in this romantic and dapper shoot for the latest issue of Essential Homme. Dario Salamone and Matteo Greco work together for the project that showcases elegant tailoring and hints of dandy. Courtesy of -

Have A Very Merry Birthday Sir Danny Elfman!!!

Daniel Robert Elfman was born this week on May 29 in 1953. Danny is an American musician, most notable for composing musique for TV and films. He was also the lead singer/songwriter for the rock band Oingo Boingo until its demise in '95.

But mainly the reason for our undying adoration for Sir Elfman is his continual collaborations with friend Tim Burton! Not only has he scored all of his films (minus James and the Giant Peach and Sweeney Todd), but he has been nominated for numerous Oscars and won a Grammy for Burton's 'Batman. Which in our opinion he deserved for The Corpse Bride, which we won't get into. But come on, the character of Bone Jangles in the movie Corpse Bride!?

Anyhow, Elfman is wordly known for creating the theme song to the Simpsons. He was also thee voice-over as Jack Skellington in "The Nightmare Before Christmas." He is a true unique-wonder and here's to Danny Elfman on his special day!

Donatella Versace Would Like to Dress the Queen of England in Black Leather takes a look at a recent interview of Vice-President of the Versace Group,Donatella Versace.
If Mr. Lagerfeld and Mr. Cavalli have taught us anything, it’s that unfiltered honesty is the best, most hilarious, policy. And speaking of unfiltered designers, we haven’t heard from Donatella Versace since last November’s Versace x H&M media blitz. But with the house’s recent return to couture and the sudden interest sparked by potential IPO rumors, we’re starting to hear more from Ms. Versace again (which, yay!).

Tim Blanks moderated a lively interview with the designer yesterday at Oxford University Union, wherein she opened up about her design process, personal life, how she’d like to dress the Queen, and that time Elizabeth Taylor stole some jewels. We weren’t there but Vogue UK was. Read on for the highlights.

On why she avoided using classic Versace iconography in her collections following Gianni’s death in 1997:

“After my brother’s terrible death, all the iconography was like a sanctuary, so special, it felt untouchable… But you also have to remember that it was the end of the Nineties. For a while since then we all moved away from the bling we were famous for – it was too sexy, not in line with the general mood – but now, certainly in 2012, it’s back; people are having fun with fashion again, so I had to find the courage to look at the past in a new perspective.”

How public pressure to deliver for Versace influenced her personal style:

“I think my own look makes people think I’m tough but when they get to know me I’m very different. It’s like armour that was useful to me in the first years after Gianni’s death. It was difficult to live that pain in public – and to be compared to him when he was the genius and I was only ever the accessory. It was hard to hear people constantly say ‘will she make it?’ I don’t mean to sound like a martyr – just to make the point that I used my personal image to hide all these emotions.”

On Queen Elizabeth’s versatile style:

“I’d like to dress the Queen – she can handle anything. I’d put her in black – she never wears black – and add a little leather, maybe. A little rock ‘n’ roll.”

She wants her own reality show but thinks no one would watch (please, someone, make this happen!):

“I’m sure people don’t have time to watch anything about me but I’d love to do a show – something with my friend Rupert Everett, wouldn’t it be great!”

She looks up to (much newer designer) Christopher Kane, who was in the audience: “The best fashion designer in England – I learn so much from him, I hope he learns a little from me.”

Elizabeth Taylor once stole her jewelry, but it was NBD.

“My brother collected vintage jewelry and I was wearing a ring that he’d given me – Elizabeth said in this extraordinary breathy voice: ‘Darling I love your ring, may I try it?’ And she didn’t give it back! She put it on and breathed, ‘oh darling thank you, you didn’t have to do that!’ But I hadn’t!”

She thinks investing in clothes is a bad idea:

“Some say the economy means that you have to persuade people to invest in clothes – to buy less things but more expensive things. I disagree – invest in jewelry, or a house, maybe, but not in fashion. Designers have to ensure that their brand stays in the real world – like we have, hopefully, with Versus – but then you have to work hard to make sure the creativity survives. In hard times you still have to be extreme. Fashion always has to be about changing and moving forward, to make people dream.”

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kris Van Assche for Common & Sense Man

For the latest issue of Japanese magazine Common & Sense Man, Sarah Moon and Mauricio Nardi capture and style Caleb Keller, Timothy Kelleher, Adrien Sahores, Adrien Fichelle, and Thomas Aoustet in this editorial featuring the creations of Belgium designer Kris Van Assche. Courtesy of -

Dreams Float Restlessly Through Palm Leaves

Hero #7 Model Mat Woodhouse Ph Paul Jasmin St Chris Preston Paul Jasmin's beautiful photography casts its lens on former Calvin Klein exclusive Mat Woodhouse. Chris Preston styles the American model in soft and tropical themed pieces that complement the shoot's easy, nonchalant elegance. Courtesy of -

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kylie & Cheryl Explode On To The Voice UK

Talk about a perfect double bill for a concert, Nu -Disco Queen Kylie Minogue and former girl group princess Cheryl (formerly Cheryl Cole) hit the stage for The Voice UK's semi finals and the ladies are in charge of this dance floor both performing their singles live for the first time and boy do we want more!

First up is Kylie who performs her last single "Time Bomb" as part of Minogue's K25 celebrations, comemmorating the 25 years of her music career and the lead off to her upcoming greatest hits album entitled The Best of Kylie Minogue.

Cheryl makes a leap of a perfect hit with her single "Call My Name" off her upcoming 3rd album "A Million Lights" penned by house music it man Calvin Harris. The performance below is on fire and we invite you to try not to be impressed.

Always The Sun By Nick Thompson

KURV #26 ALWAYS THE SUN photographer: Nick Thompson stylist: Jo Shippen MODEL(S): Jake Shortall; Miles Langford. Courtesy of -

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