Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pink Is Easy Breezy!

P!nk is announced as the newest face of COVERGIRL Cosmetics at Shutters On The Beach in Santa Monica, California over the week and the new "Blow Me (A Kiss) momma is looking the part. P!nk will join COVERGIRLS previous beauties such as Sofia Vergara, and Ellen Degeneres.

 On the heels of her albums release P!nk is in full steam ahead for total media domination as she has always done with her promotion which is keeping her latest single in the top 10 charts.

 Hit play below to see a short interview with the pop star.

Legendary Art Dealer Irving Blum Talk's Birth Of Pop Art

Known as the legendary art dealer of the pop art movement of the 1960's, Irving Blum gives us some insight on the explosion of the scene such as his discovery of the works of  Roy Lichtenstein in a special video from nowness.com

Pop gallerist extraordinaire Irving Blum discusses the pivotal moment he discovered Roy Lichtenstein’s iconic masterpiece “Sleeping Girl” with Sotheby’s Worldwide Head of Contemporary Art, Tobias Meyer. Becoming Director of Los Angeles’s Ferus Gallery in 1958 after buying the stake of departing artist and co-founder Ed Kienholz for the princely sum of $500, Blum made Ferus central to the burgeoning LA art scene through championing emerging New York stars like Frank Stella, Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol. “Ferus was pivotal,” enthuses Meyer, who also interviewed fashion designer Tom Ford and Chief Curator at MOCA Paul Schimmel as part of an upcoming series of films celebrating "Sleeping Girl."

“There was no other West coast gallery in 1962 that showed Andy Warhol. It was where all the important artists were showing.” Closeted in Beatrice and Phillip Gersh’s private collection for the past 50 years, Lichtenstein’s sultry “Sleeping Girl” is on display at Sotheby’s in London, before traveling to New York and going on auction in May with an estimate of $40 million—a substantial price tag for a work which originally sold for a mere $1,600. NOWNESS spoke to Tobias Meyer as the lauded painting went on display at Sotheby’s Bond Street.

Irving Blum on Sleeping Girl on Nowness.com.

The Choupette Estate

The worlds most fashionable cat gets some very prominent magazine space in the latest issue of i-D and we're kinda jealous.

We’ve been inundated with information about Choupette Lagerfeld’s lavish lifestyle, which is replete with iPads, multiple maids, and trips to St. Tropez in the cockpit (so she can look at the sky, duh); but there have been disappointingly few photos of Karl Lagerfeld’s adorable kitten–until now.

i-D had the honor of publishing what seems to be the first full Choupette Lagerfeld photo spread, also known as our dream come true. The cuteness is nearly too much to bear. Not only are there 10 never-before-seen photos of Choupette and her beautiful blue eyes; but there’s also a sketch by her dad labeled “The Coco Cat” and, randomly, a photo of Hudson Kroenig–you know, that adorable three year old son of model Brad Kroenig–wearing a Choupette t-shirt that I need to own. Like, I would actually pay an unreasonable amount of money for that shirt.

There’s only one thing that has the potential to out-cute that and it would be a picture of Hudson holding Choupette. If that happened, though, I might actually just die.

Although the piece is 100% about her, Choupette has not yet been taught how to speak (we’re sure her maids, whom we now know are named Francoise and Marjorie, are working on it), so Karl himself fielded questions about the cat, who, as the designer correctly predicted, has officially become more famous than him. If you thought you already knew all there is to know about Choupette, you were wrong. Here are a few new things we learned:

She has three names: “Her name is Choupette, Princess Choupette or Miss Choupette.” Her “pet hates” include “water and getting wet.” She has a private garden, in which she likes to chase “big fleas,” whatever that means. She also loves “driving her beloved maids (Francoise and Marjorie) crazy.” And she loves destroying paper but that is really too normal a cat thing to even mention.

Click through to feast your eyes on more photos of Choupette being the most adorable thing ever to live. -fashionista.com

Brief Encounters By Miguel Enamorado

Interview - September 2012 Models Bart Grzybowski, Daniel Liu, Adrin Taylor, Stefano Kuhn, Branko Baselj, Rob Evans, Austin Hall, Bart Van Maanen, Kye D'Archy, Travis Smith, Chris Colton, Ricardo Figueiredo, Diego Fragoso, Daniel Hamaj, Manuel Ramos, Jesse Shannon, Oraine BArrett, Veit Couturier, Seth Kuhlmann, Nate Nesbitt, River Viiperi, Dmitry Brylev, Simon Van Meervenne, Taylor Cowan, Grayson Getts, David Hundertmark, Sam Way and Jonathan & Kevin Sampaio St Miguel Enamorado Miguel Enamorado has the arduous task of styling a vertifible litany of hard-bodied male models for this Grindr-inspired underwear shoot for the September 2012 issue of Interview. Pieces from Calvin Klein to Emporio Armani are seen, as well as most of the models' taut frames. Courtesy of - hommemodel.blogspot.com

The Runaways By Ivan Muselli

Ivan Muselli and Nicholas Galletti work together for the July/August 2012 issue of Essential Homme. In the shoot, they capture and style Jeremy Dufour and Thomas Burkovatz in a stunningly dark and haunting rooftop shoot overlooking a stunning vista of Paris featuring dramatic light and equally dramatic fashions. Courtesy of - hommemodel.blogspot.com

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Video Premiere Estelle - Wonderful Life

Itsnotyouitsme favorite Estelle has released the second single "Wonderful Life" off her sophomore effort All of Me. Estelle is quoted in saying that she wrote "Wonderful Life", in part, to help her appreciate her life when she got sick of performing her breakout hit "American Boy".

 Indeed she is having wonderful life as she is seen in the new video directed by Iren Sheffield and the song written by rapper Akon, traveling the world, dinning with friends and perfectly capturing her lyrics “Hey! I’m winning today, my smile is OK at the end of the line, and I’m fine, no thorns in my side, somebody remind me, it’s a wonderful life.”

 Hit play below to check out one of our favorite tracks from Estelle's latest release.


Dance With A Stranger By Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Love - Autumn / Winter 2012 Models Olivier Greenall, Konan Hanbury, Eddie Klint, Jasin Morgan, Alex Slintz and Justus Eisfeld Ph Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott continue their collaboration with London-based magazine Love. The photography duo shot several covers and in this cover shoot, staring three of the stars of Downtown Abbey, Mert+Marcus capture the actresses alongside scantily clad Oliver Greenall, Konan Hanbury, Eddie Klint, Jason Morgan, Alex Schultz, and Justin Eisfeld, all donning nymph-like outfits, save for one very tight corset. Courtesy of hommemodel.blogspot.com

When My Baby Smiles I Go To Rio de Janeiro By Bruno Ilogti

Australian model Andrej Pejic scores a second shoot in the fourth issue of the sometimes-controversial magazine Candy. Bruno Ilogti captures the white-washed shoot while Marcela Jacobina and Breno Votto work together to style the shoot. Courtesy of hommemodel.blogspot.com

Return of the King By Errikos Andreou

Brazilian model Alexandre Cunha is in various states of undress in this regal-themed shoot by Errikos Andreou and styled by Manuel Estevez for Image Amplified Magazine. Courtesy of hommemodel.blogspot.com

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