Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Musique from The Faint!

Dance-punk outfit The Faint bring new music to our ears with the new track "Young And Realistic."
The new track moves away from the recent experimental sound and moves back to the dance floor new wave sound they were known for.

Lead singer Todd Fink explains the track:
believe this one goes in The Faint Danse Party folder. We wrote, recorded, and mixed it ourselves here at our studio in Omaha, Nebraska. Pretty song-y for club music and pretty clubby for indie/punk, this one falls right in the sweet spot. I love that warm bouncy bass synth (it’s a CS15 if you must know). This might be a love song. Maybe it’s a respect song. Those are intertwined concepts I suppose. Without respect, love is a weaker bond.

If you are new to The Faint we definately push you to check them out.

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