Friday, May 27, 2016

Palomo Spain presents “Orlando”

"Orlando is the fiction character after whom Alejandro Gómez Palomo, the face behind Palomo fashion house, named his second collection. As he accurately represented the image the young designer had in mind, the victorian hero was brought out from Virginia Woolf’s homonymous novel to illustrate Alejandro´s new ideas for menswear. However, for a complete understanding of Palomo´s new set of garments, it was mandatory to also recognize other features of its context. That´s why he and his team, together with friend-photographers Filip and Kito and a bunch of “Palomo Boys”, term coined after Palomo´s last show, went all the way down from Madrid to Alejandro´s hometown: Posadas, in the province of Córdoba. A wonderful weekend between friends, surrounded by the representative landscape, people and customs of the area, was enough for the photographer duo and the models to understand what Palomo is about. Southern luxury of the magnificent Moratalla Palace, the classicist-punk attitude Alejandro has and his deep passion for fashion are well portrayed in these pictures, which will hopefully help you all to find out what Palomo has to tell.

A story by by Filip y Kito
Production: Pedro Aguilar de Dios
Models: Pedro Artola, Adrián Valle, Martín Betancour,
Guillermo Urbano, Andrés Ramirez, Diego López." -

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