Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bobby Abley Spring/Summer 2017

"In the midst of almost monthly aviation disasters and comments like, “I wouldn’t fly there if I were you“, it was a welcome surprise that Bobby Abley put a pleasing twist on the thrills of flying for his SS17 collection. Welcome aboard Magic Carpet Airways, where Kings, Queens, monkeys and bears all fly first class. I’m sure by now you can guess which Disney Classic Abley cited this season… It was of course the mystical Aladdin, and perhaps an ode to the recently departed icon, Robin Williams.

"Abley’s sporty silhouettes were back in neoprenes and other technical fabrics including waterproofs and Lycra. A holiday in each climate, the collection included heavy faux furs as well as speedos decorated in a sweet pink and purple print reminiscent of genie’s smoke , even with little planes dotted within.

Tongue-in-cheek slogans told a story of love in the mile-high club. One jumper whispered “Rub me the right way”, on another two stick men hold hands, the back laden with an “occupied” sign, a comical twist on toilet etiquette. A male dress repeated “Thank you, thank you, goodbye” mimicking the language of air stewards as the passengers depart.

Female silhouettes added some glamour to the collection with puffy faux fur sleeves, two piece miniskirt suits and glitter corsets. A young Jasmine dried her hair poolside with a Bobby towel while another shielded her eyes from the fluorescent lights of the cabin with a sequin eye mask.
The only thing missing was free Air Miles." -

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