Thursday, June 2, 2016

BOYPLAIN Spring/Summer 2016 Lookbook

"The translation of a utopian society, where the globalisation era in which we are cherishing our lives is awashed with a multitude of careless interpretations of various subjects, political upheaval, natural disasters and such and such matters, renders a conceptual inspiration to BOYPLAIN‘s Spring/Summer 2016 collection, titled ‘All You Need Is Remedy’.

Employing such a technical language device as personification, this collection ventures through the creative eye of BOYPLAIN to create a verisimilitude state of mind that classifies the world societies as being mentally ill and consequently required to be medicated. The narrative is then discussed within the realm of the artistic way of storytelling: satire. Medical objects, pills or the electrocardiogram waves, for instances, are made into varied forms of graphic prints and embroidery work so as to illustrate the imaginative portrayal of a society’s remedy. Combined with the study field categorized as cognitive psychology regarding human’s awareness, interpretation, problem solving that is said to downright affect our overall behaviour, a fundamental concept to creating artistic pieces of work is mainly associated with the theory of asymmetry balance; that is to create a paralleled world where each graphic print is established unbalanced to depict the psychologically unstable state of human’s minds living in a world full of chaos.

The combination of remarkable narrativity and distinctive graphic designs sees the new arrival of the redefinition of boyhood in which every individual shall be celebrated his inner seductive, charismatic, and fun-loving self.
Photographer: Nucha Jaitip Art Director: Tewit
Phanitprachaya." -

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