Friday, June 17, 2016

Calvin Harris and Rihanna Come Together AGAIN!

Calvin Harris and Rihanna are at it again dueting on their scorching new hot tune “This Is What You Came For” and today we see the matching musique video that is equally as sleek and cut-a-rug worthy than their original collaboration "We Found Love."

The feature's theme magnifies Rihanna's natural stunning beauty as she frolicks in a mysteriously deeply euphoric engagement with the audience. In a very appropriate trance like vibe, Rihanna is in the middle of all thee action and spotlight where she strutts inside a cube-shaped projector screen while lasers and landscapes light up and project against the studio walls.

Emil Nava-directed the piece, and we also get a peak at mister Calvin  himself towards thee end of the video, voguing in a fancy oldsmobile. Without another hiccup kiddas, press play and get lost in the trance...

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