Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Les Hommes Spring/Summer 2017

"It happens quite some time to me of having to pass over a brand’s series of concerted actions that may sound weird- and do not push yourselves to figure them out, they’re really weird! Celebrity endorsement is that marketing strategy that I’ve always found incredibly sad. If I should judge Les Hommes on the basis of the Italian male celebs- well-groomed and tricked out tonight in front row- involved to communicate products, I’d definitely state the brand’s future will be ruinous but, I’m the boy who looks beyond and prejudiced assumptions have never affected my critical thinking. At Palazzo Serbelloni a posse of Conquistadores marched fiercely to an ear-splitting dance music- or maybe it was house music or techno, I’m not an expert of that stuff!- sporting double knitted shirts and fishnet tops, bomber jackets and sweatshirts with metallic embroideries. Fabrics were bright- so bright that I didn’t succeed in taking a photo without being dazzled!- and high-tech, but there was the noble jacquard, too. Mimetic green, white and black were part of a small array of colours. The Belgian Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch are always great guns at handsomely conceiving a whole collection, and at making you feel good by serving a great champagne before the show- what a touche de classe! For the record: I was almost well oiled!" - Fuckingyoung.es

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