Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Liev Schreiber Loves His Willy....

Actor Liev Schreiber spills to tea to Ellen DeGeneres on his latest appearance on her happy go lucky talk show. Liev over shares his home lifestyle talking about how him and his sons, Sasha and Samuel bust their his favorite dance steps they call the “willy dance”. And yes kiddas, it's what it sounds like. Scope out all the giggles below...

“They love to dance. We have a…”

Liev unveils.

“So my my sons and I have a thing that we do where we bathe and then we do the Willy dance. I’ve said it, I don’t need anymore.”

Ellen proceeds to wonder if it’s a way to dry off, Liev said,

“There are other words for it, but that’s pretty much the best one. It is a way to dry off because you chafe down there if you don’t get dry so you want to get it…”

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