Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Miharayasuhiro Spring/Summer 2017

"“NO CLUB LONE WOLF” was the title of Maison Mihara Yasuhiro‘s SS17 collection, showcased for the first time in London. In nomadic style, Mihara has showcased in 3 other fashion capitals including Paris, Milan and Tokyo, and the collection equally resembled the rebellious nature of a drifter. Part cowboy, part bad boy biker, the freedom of 1950’s America was a key influence in Mihara’s collection.

With references to Elvis Presley and James Dean, each look was made individual by hand drawn customisation on raw denim and biker jackets. Patches adorned leather arms with cultural references to gambling and tattoos, while vintage cartoon characters winked from the back of a denim trench coat. Military references continued with the remake of 60’s Souvenir silk jackets, providing a slightly feminine edge to a collection full of rascals.
Just like the distressed knits, styling was intentionally messy with shirts tucked into jeans asymmetrically to mirror odd coloured trouser legs. Raccoon tails hung from belt hooks and multiple handkerchiefs were layered around the neck in a variety of colours. Classic shoes were redesigned; penny loafers came in patent black and silver with a contrasting heel, rubber soled trainers featured a cage design on the heel and creepers mixed with a moccasin and desert boot in one." - Fuckingyoung.es

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