Friday, June 17, 2016


British newcomer, singer songwriter JONES, arrives to us with her sweet sultry melodic voice with her soulful r&b/pop new single “Melt.” Produced by London twosome Honne, we take an ear-gander from her sneak peek debut which will eventually see the light of day on her upcoming record New Skin, due in October. Contemporary and electronic, I can't help but think of Pop Queen Janet Jakcson written all over the walls as influence with a strong reminiscent vocal likability and matching tone and texture.

JONES was quoted saying about the tune...“It’s about when two people are together, whether it’s love or infatuation, sometimes it feels as though they’ve molded into one. Whether that be for a lifetime or a moment. It’s about forgiveness, acceptance and loyalty.” Groove along and get them space boots swaying side to side kiddas as you unlock the treasure trove of breaking new musique that is, JONES!

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