Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Nick Jonas Gets "Close" & "Under You" With Double Penetrating Album Promo Jaunts!

Nick Jonas not only gets wet, wild and kissy with model Shay Mitchell in his newly unleashed musique video “Under You,” but the 23-year old sexy crooner also swings by the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Strutting his best moves to date, hitting all the right notes and adlibs spontaneously, Nick is in full steam promo mode in support of his brand new record "Last Year Was Complicated."

Nick  got real personal with Jimmy revealing how once upon a time he had his very first lollipop made of weed and woke up the next day higher than the empire state building. He adds how he had to present at the young Hollywod awards that afternoon and had the constant interruption or should I say distraction called, N.A.R.B (No Apparent Reason Boner) left and right leaving little to thee imagination. Fill yourself up kiddas with all the giggles and musique below!

Jimmy Fallon Performance.

Nick Jonas explains his NARB at the Young Hollywood Awards...

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