Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Selena Gomez Is CrazySexy Cool On James Corden's Carpool Karaoke

Selena Gomez is a whole lotta crazy sexy cool and then some in her latest appearance on the ever addicting smash show Carpool Karaoke hostest by Late Late Night's genius comedian James Corden. Selena not only immerses into fun but she authentically faces the karaoke famed format for a twist and turn, literally, sending this episode above and beyond its predecessors. Since day one on the scene, Gomez unapolgetically has graciously manifested her career into a multiplicity of reinventions both musically and acting not to mention single-handedly building a self-branding empire thats has it's pillars and infrustructure on being all her own as pop's brightest star in contemporary mainstream pop today.

The impeccable duo went through a string of Gomez's goodie patootie hits including such recent album tunes as, "Same Old Love Song." Soon after they metamorphisized into the next segment as a reluctant James sat nervously as to the audiences surprise, joined Selena ascending the tracks of a ginormous roller coaster ride while singing her hit tune "Come & Get It." As they proceeded to drop and dip, Corden frights in terror screaming while a sleek and super sexy kawaii kitten Miss Gomez keeps her cool as she vogues laughting in pure ecstasy the whole ride through.

After swinging by Six Flags Magic Mountain the darling pair prove that happiness is contagious and also mighty hungry as they hit up the fancy fantasic classic, McDonald's, for some afteroon lunch.
The twosome conitnue with the grooves as they rip through Gomez’s “Hands To Myself” then adorably transitiong to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” By now we all know Selena is a foodie lover 
just like the rest of us greats. Great minds are fed to create and the concluding jam is her biggest hit of her career to date and with a solidfying endorsement from the worlds largest chain food juggernaut conglomerate Mc'Donalds, it's safe to safe Selena's quite "Good For Us!"

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