Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Video Premiere Iggy Pop - American Valhalla

The legend that is Iggy Pop has released another video single for "American Valhalla" off his new album Post Pop Depression. In a interview with Iggy and director Jamie-James Medina explain the video -

"Model Ruth Bell stars in the punk provocateur's latest release

"This is my favorite song and Ruth's performance is brilliant, thanks kid." – Iggy Pop

New York-based director Jamie-James Medina talks about his video for Iggy Pop's latest track, "American Valhalla," starring model of the moment Ruth Bell:

"I love Iggy Pop and I’m a huge boxing fan. I was listening to "American Valhalla" and was reminded of this very low-key but classic fight between Dick Tiger and Gene Fullmer, which took place in Nigeria in 1963 and for whatever reason I found a connection there.

“There is so much history in Iggy’s voice”
"There is so much history in Iggy’s voice and that seems to be a theme throughout his new record—the contender or the survivor or the last man standing. Iggy remembers watching the fight, which is incredible."

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