Saturday, July 2, 2016

“COMEFORBREAKFAST” Spring/Summer 2017

"The work of the American photographer Francesca Woodman highlights and strengthens the intimate minimalism of the SS17 “COMEFORBREAKFAST” collection.

The American artist’s self-reflection suggests a comparison with the aesthetic of the selfie and contemporary visual culture, transforming into an intimate, silent approach to the men’s collection. Everyday garments are elevated from the ordinary: T-shirt, shirt, track pants, and night gown become absolutely fashionable.

The integration of the body in a spatial context, the interaction between photographic bi- dimensionality and the three-dimensionality of Woodman’s reality generate in the knitwear a play of positive and negative space, holes and cracks. The graphics, a distinctive mark of the brand, create an optical effect of staggered layers on the garment. The unhemmed edges underline the tension between intimacy and self-representation.

The rigidity of denim and cotton, the crispness of poplin, the fluidity of viscose, the full texture of knitwear, and the cool detachment of technical fabrics are chosen to highlight the contrasts of the collection’s initial premise, and to give the banality of garments a strong design element that takes nothing away from the fluid and pliant design created to play with addition and subtraction.

Black and white, chromatic mark of Comeforbreakfast, reinforce the link with Woodman’s images, while mud, beige, khaki, gray, and warm brick red shift it into the contemporary.

Photographer: Tassili Calatroni
Stylist: Luca Stefanelli
Model: Lemmie @ Rebel Management" -

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