Wednesday, July 6, 2016

LAT Fall/Winter 2016 Campaign

"Fashion designer Lautaro Amadeo Tambutto (LAT) unveiled his Fall/Winter 2016 campaign featuring Lucy Regue, Lautaro Scotto and Joe Vitrano photographed by Oscar Sanhueza Chesta.

The collection is inspired in La Boca, port typical area in Buenos Aires, where the Tango and many other artistic disciplines were born influenced by Portuguese and Italian immigrants, and also where the Boca Juniors football team stadium is located. The body language of the Tango fused with the strength of the Barra Bravas “Hooligans” and the Fuerte Apache neighborhood rules, gives life to a sporty tailored collection with a young soul.

The fur and leather, as in the primitive past, pinstripes and dri-fit meet sartorial and sporty cuts with embroidery and metallic details. Total look Black ,White and Navy blue. Latinlover is passional and neutral with autochthonous and latin cultural aspects mixing high risk street situations reaching a fresh, strong and luxury collection." -

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