Friday, July 1, 2016

Video Premiere Rihanna - Sledgehammer

Rihanna goes to outer space in the new Sia penned video single "Sledgehammer" for the upcoming Hollywood film, Star Trek.

Directed by the always dark and creative Floria Sigismondi, Rihanna is a alien goddess in this IMAX filmed spectacle. "The song is about breaking down barriers,” Sigismondi explained. “Being for Star Trek, it’s all about exploration, exploration of the unknown . . . The idea of transcendence, transcending through these barriers, transcending through the blocks that we put on ourselves, and being sort of larger than life. For me, [Rihanna’s character] is kind of like this ancient alien living on this otherworldly planet, and she’s this mystical being that harnesses the power to manipulate the elements."

Sigismondi goes on to describe Rihanna's look in the short film - "We wanted to really give her her own character. It’s about creating something ancient, almost otherworldly,” she said. “When you look at her movements, they’re just so unique and so beautiful. We wanted her to embody energy, in the way she moved. She’s just got those beautiful hands; creating all this great movement with her hands was amazing to watch. She is an abundance of energy, actually; she really gives it to you—it’s amazing."

Check out the first of it's kind IMAX video below.

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