Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Refined Watch That’s as Modern as Your Favourite Menswear

There are plenty of reason’s why a refined men’s watch is what makes your favourite menswear attire. But how do you choose the right time piece? Known often as ‘watch snobs‘ there are collectors who are more than willing to take part in analyzing possible design complications, the statistic numbers and every single detail which at the end of the day would make one watch more collectible as well as more expensive than other on the market. (Image: Nick Scherner for MMSCENE Magazine by Kimber Capriotti, wearing Breitling watch)

"Today the watch makers are focusing on creating ultra thin but impeccably precise dress watches, easy to be worn with a tuxedo. Nevertheless with the rise of the market, no contemporary men’s outfit is complete without something a man can wear around the clock." - Malemodelscene.net

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