Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Video Premiere Psychic Ills - Baby

Psychic Ills the American experimental rock/psychedelic rock band from New York team with director Jason Evans for a moving video that is as sad as the country/rock/blues song itself with a boy amongst the city just trying to make it through. "There's a real feeling of longing to the album, not just for love, but a longing to be understood and accepted. I just ran with that. The story is about a kid who is a bit of an outsider, someone out of sync with his environment.
 Director Jason Evans explains the concept - "I knew I wanted to draw on the 70s New Hollywood aesthetic of films shot with long zoom lenses. It's a softer look that allowed us to mix voyeuristic moments, set in real environments, with more private, reflective moments."

Check out the video below

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