Thursday, September 29, 2016

Introducing Adrien Grégoire

"Adrien Grégoire is a fashion student at ESAA Duperré in Paris. His graduate collection involves a figure and a place.

“It is the worker and the workplace, the fisherman facing the harbor. Formerly, he maintained a real relationship with this place by the contact with the ocean, by the technicality, by the knowledge and also by the protection from the elements. This relationship has disappeared today. The massive industrialization of this specific profession has produced great dehumanized, sanitized spaces.”

The dehumanization of his environnement is manifested in very bright colors and technical elements. From 1900’s fishermen silhouettes, Adrien highlighted an aesthetic change of the marine standardization. The silhouettes of his collection express this confrontation both with clothing inspired by the cloakroom fishermen and industrial materials.

Clothes & photos: Adrien Gregoire
Photo Assistant: Théo Laporte and Jordanne Green
Model: Morgat Bry." -

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