Friday, September 23, 2016

mer: 7000 Collection

"Federico Protto & Attila Lajos are two young fashion designers living in Vienna (Austria), creating collections which embrace artistic and conceptual approaches. They studied three years under Bernhard Willhelm and two years under Hussein Chalayan at University of Applied Art in Vienna.

For this collection the two designers work completely isolated from each other. Each create a beforehand discussed amount of garments which will only meet the day of the lookbook shooting. The only thing constant between these individual pieces is the colour: red, white and blue (coming from the flags of the countries where the two designers were living: Iceland and France) and black/grey to create a shadow between the colours.

This collection talks about meeting/parting, love/patriots, stars/explosions, collaboration/isolation/freedom.

The lookbook features model Milutin photographed by Angewandte Studio." -

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