Wednesday, November 9, 2016

BoysBOYPLAIN Fall/Winter 2016 Lookbook

"A dialogue of a social phenomenon, BOYPLAIN steers its attention towards questioning the boundaries of freedom of speech in present days and a point of view on political correctness that causes quite a mental hullabaloo and frustration. The whimsical encounters of such daily endless pet-peeves as provocative hate speeches and arguments, politicians’ covert propaganda, misleading statements and whatnot appear to be alarmingly pervasive and wearisome. Drawing on inspiration from this quirky motif in sarcastic celebration of such banal circumstances, BOYPLAIN reimagines the exclusively designed “Wordy Wordier”.

The collection’s core juxtaposes the idea of how powerful words can be with the remarks on how irritating and destructive they can, on the contrary, become as well. Design-wise, the silhouettes through the collection lay an emphasis on the brand’s strong personality with something along the lines of bold statement sweaters, knitwear and jackets, oversized tees adorned with applique detailings, and some double-breasted trench pieces, leaving traces of minimalism and facified streetwear at the same time. Dabbed with tongue-in-cheek humor and satirical connotations, certain typographical symbols, such as exclamation marks, parentheses and quotation marks, are designed to hint at the indiscreet manner of word utterances, drawing parallels to the notion of a distorted acknowledgement of freedom of speech with people solely standing up for their supposed rights to speak but ignoring to respect or listen to others’ opinions.

Model: Frederick Phitchayut Muelle​r
​Photographer: Nucha Jaitip
Art Directors: Tewit Phanitprachaya & ​Boripat Singkaew​​." -

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