Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rusty Anchor by Jumbo Tsui for Men’s Uno International FW16 Issue

"Fashion photographer Jumbo Tsui teams up with stylist Evan Feng for Rusty Anchor story coming from the pages of Men’s Uno International‘s Fall Winter 2016 edition. Stars of the session are Jon, Andrei Gnt, Lu Pi Qiang, Leo Topalov, Cedric L, Hao Yun Xiang, Luca Vicino, Silvio Renato, Fernando Cabral, Brulez N, Daan van der Deen, Yang Ying Ge, Elie Adam, Mehdi, Daniel Oh, Laurent Schreiner, Wang Hong Yu, and Hu Bing. Beauty is work of hair stylists Mathieu Laudrel and Wen Zhi, and makeup artists Yann Boussand Larcher and Tupperbai. Casting direction by Svea Greichgauer." - Malemodelscene.net

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