Friday, January 20, 2017

Little Mix Musique Video Premiere ‘Touch’

As a couple chorus lyrics go, 'just a touch' of early 2000 pop-fantastic inspired look (think Destiny's Child Bootylicious, Christina Aguilera Come on Over Baby) is what thee UK powerhouse girl group Little Little Mix is giving us in their unleashed brand new spankin' video
'Touch!' Filled with feel good dynamite island infused pop choreo, the girls send a straight sexy arrow message to all the boys in the yard out there, women intimidate boys but excite men! And this video kiddas, let me just say, is like a fine tuned up diesel oiled running oldsmobile.

It's sleek colorful candy dandy, make you wanna dip it low and pick it up slow aura makes you even forget kiddas the obvious low budget funds that were provided by their pompous-enslaving music industry executives. Regardless of any black clouds, these young ladies put the missing pieces in what lacks in today's girl group scene.

Shade, no shade, even the likes of Fifth Harmony can't quite deliver a flawless performance without a stumble here and there either vocally or simply in unison formation on stage, like heyday legendary groups once did (En Vogue, Spice Girls,The Supremes,TLC, etc.) One also shall not forget kiddas both Fifth and Little, came from thee exact same training background, graduates of some version of singing competition show X-Factor.

Without further ado, here off their platinum selling album Glory Days is the sweet and tarty, TOUCH!

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