Monday, January 9, 2017

Repost Worthy 1 Year Ago Today : ItsNotYouItsMe Video Spin - Janet Jackson

After a 7 year disappearance, the icon that is Janet Jackson returns to the charts with her anticipated new album Unbreakable. Once again enlisting veteran hit makers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Miss Jackson returns to her R&B roots with a album carried under her independent label Rhythm Nation Records. Unbreakable is a carefully though out album that fits in todays current music stream - a half way point for the veteran fans and enough to the right to pull in the next generation whose only clue to Janet Jackson is that of her legendary brother.

Janet has returned and it is clearly apparrent with the below 10 (and one remix) tracks from the now 49 year old R&B/Pop legend. Spin it all below.

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