Friday, February 3, 2017


In 2000, Modjo made us loose on this song rhythm. The title is Lady and I challenge you everybody to tell me that you haven’t ever identified yourselves with the gal in the video (or with one of the two guys of course).

No ladies in the exclusive work by Nicholas Garlisi though. Just three models and a photographer, just four friends to tell an easy story: What happens in the bathrooms between a casting and the other?

This is the first chapter of a book to write yet… What will follow tomorrow?" -

Photographer: Nicholas Garlisi
Stylist: Luca Imbimbo
Fashion Editor: Daniele Pellegrinetti
Video Editing: Edoardo Quaranta
Coordinator/Casting: Jacopo Mainini Bandera
Grooming: Ildana Khalitova
Models: Luke Volker at Elite Milano, Douglas Lima at I Love Models Management, Martin Thiebaut at 3MMODELS

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