Thursday, February 2, 2017

Private Policy Fall/Winter 2017

"For the Fall/Winter 2017 season, PRIVATE POLICY takes on the ever-changing landscape of modern globalization; by realizing that globalization has surpassed the “neighboring” relationship and moved into a “polycephaly” based relationship; a condition of having multiple heads conjoined to one body. These “heads” are meant to symbolize each nation’s unique beliefs, cultural identities and interests. The “one body” is a metaphor for a giant global system that can easily be affected by a single action taken by any other country. The “body” cannot survive without the “heads” collaboration, so the trouble of one area becomes the trouble of all.

This inspiration can mostly be seen throughout the collection with the use of collaging and graphic patterns. A biker jacket and cropped trouser combine bright graphics of other country’s flags to create an impactful centralized moment. Straps, chains and harness details promote the idea of multiple pieces being interconnected and the need for them to work together to function. The mixing of unconventional fabrics like velvet and denim further support the concept of opposites coming together; and the introduction of heavy canvases, quilting, and nylon hint at militarism which acknowledges the ever growing issue between war and government." -

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