Friday, February 3, 2017

THIS MOMENT by Bershka

Bershka presents ‘This moment’ an ode to individual expression

Now is when everything gets more enhanced: the textures, volumes and shapes. This season’s all about retro inspiration matched with futuristic styles.

Making reference to the punk movement on a lighter tone, Street mixes prints of tie-dye, camouflages, and the still going strong lettering. All in an earthy colour scheme, the plain and warm tones will add depth and personality to your summer look.

On the other hand, Denim steps ahead from the last campaign’s cleaner image in favour of more premium clothing, in a lovely 90’s mood with inspired details such as rips, stitching, sketch prints, paint spots and tie-dye washes.

Blending with light greys, brown shades and more earthy tones, the Smart Look shouts out loud it’s roots through straighter lines, flowing shapes, never putting aside it’s key items: the ‘perfect’ jacket, tailored trousers, and of course, the trench coat.

The Night Collection it’s all about layering, tailored silhouettes, dyed pitch black with touches of white and some minimal lettering.

With a clear Nordic influence, the Casual look combines urban wear like cotton parkas, indigos, camouflage prints in light tones, floral on diverse textures and ornate fabrics, making the romance-inspired prints and yellow shades this season’s delight.

This Moment by Bershka is all about NOW." -

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