Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Directors Talk: Jonas Åkerlund

A look into the mind of creative and boundry pushing director Jonas Åkerlund presented by nowness.com

"The Swedish visionary talks film and domestic sanctuary in an intimate 16mm portrait

Filmmaker Christian Larson gets cult auteur Jonas Åkerlund in front of the camera for a 16mm portrait that sees the storyteller and heavy metal drummer open up about filmmaking and his life in Los Angeles. Here, Larson offers some insight into this tribute to his friend and mentor, done for new Swedish men's underwear brand CDLP, who has collaborated on a black boxer short with Åkerlund:

"I started my career in film as an editor for Jonas. Ever since I became a director, I’ve been bugging him to one day let me turn the camera his way.

“This is a voyeuristic portrait of a man that has always inspired me”
"Last summer, I spent an afternoon with Jonas in his black house in LA with my 16mm camera and later recorded a late-night phone call of ours. These two elements make up this little voyeuristic portrait of a man that has always inspired me, and kindly mentored me with good advice. Bromance.”

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