Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Young Ones by Filmmaker Leo Adef

A look into the lives of teens burdend by living in a small town but look to each other to see the possibilities of a world beyond.

"The Young Ones: Our Own Private Scene
A portrait of youth and intimacy in a small French village

Filmmaker Leo Adef explores subculture and self-discovery in a coming-of-age portrait of three 17-years-olds in a small French town. Here, the Barcelona-based director talks about capturing a time of experimentation and rebellion through three friends and would-be club kids:

“Adolescence is a moment of developing your own style, and a time to find a group of friends you identify with.

We follow these three teenagers in their routine while they go to the streets to take possession of their town and provoke with their looks; creating their own entertainment using their Imagination, young blood energy, and their desire to have fun.”

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