Thursday, April 27, 2017

My Place: Devendra Banhart

Food Poisoning or not, singer Devendra Banhart takes us inside of his Echo Park home for some light fun banter amongst his collection of folky art.

"Battling a nasty bout of food poisoning, Venezuelan-American singer-songwriter Devendra Banhart invites director Barbara Anastacio into his Echo Park pad for the latest instalment of My Place.

Moving to the Golden State from Venezuela at the age of 14, Banhart made a name for himself with a uniquely experimental brand of psychedelic rock, both as a solo musician and with a handful of acts including CocoRosie and Joanna Newsom.

Here, the indie star walks us through the Echo Park pad, which he describes as a fusion of “Japanese library, Venezuelan country house, and Eighties Italian palace,” showing off his unique collection of Haas Brothers candles and paintings of "pussies and dicks".

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