Saturday, May 20, 2017

Choosing Your Personal Style

"Fashion is a complicated art. There are so many different styles of clothing and accessories to choose from that it can be a headache finding exactly what suits you, what looks good on you, and what your favorite combinations are. Generally, a fashion expert or stylist can assist you with this, but unless you are a celebrity who can afford the outrageous fees that come along with personal shoppers, you have only yourself, honest friends, and fashion-forward relatives to rely on. Fortunately, fashion clubs, programs, and detail-specific websites can put you in a fashion category, so that you know exactly which style is best for you. Additionally, websites like actually offer step-by-step guides to help you understand your fashion sense better. If you are going it alone, consider the following details.


All of your fashion sense is based on your own preference, which has a lot to do with your own personality. For instance, if you’re quirky, your style of dress will reflect that. Your preferred colors — whether you wear a suit and tie, or a cardigan and jeans — will all be a matter of your own preference. Perhaps you tend to accessorize with jewelry or scarves, or prefer something more conservative. Always choose your fashion with your personal preferences in mind." -

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