Monday, May 22, 2017

My Place: Pat Moran

It's another edition of My Place from and this episode features casting director Pat Moran who is most famous for her work with Director John Waters.

Kook galore!

"The casting director and organised hoarder walks us through her maximalist Baltimore townhouse

If you’re casting a film in the Baltimore area, Pat Moran is your woman. A longtime associate of John Waters, cutting her teeth casting the indie filmmaker's early productions including Polyester, breakthrough Hairspray and hit classic Cry-Baby, the flame-haired casting director has gone on to work with some of Hollywood’s biggest names and won numerous Primetime Emmy Awards along the way.

“Moran cut her teeth casting early productions by indie filmmaker John Waters”
For the latest episode of My Place, Moran invited director Barbara Anastacio into the “oddball” house she decorated entirely with second-hand pieces, and reminisces about lost friends.

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