Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Kaleo Performs at AllSaints' LA Sessions!

Icelands Kaleo performs an accoustic session for LA's AllSaints brand in this look into who the next big thing is, fronted by the very camera friendly lead vocalist and guitarist JJ Julius Son.

"Expanding beyond Fashion, Film and Image, Music has always been a part of AllSaints' heritage. This year AllSaints continues LA Sessions. With the AllSaints Flagship store in the heart of Los Angeles (Beverly Hills) serving as the backdrop to spotlight some of the most notable up-and-coming bands internationally, LA Sessions provides an exclusive venue for groundbreaking musicians to perform live. These performances will be released on the last Friday of every month, exclusively through our website.

AllSaints has always had a keen eye for talent in global creative communities. Through curated casting of our Biker Portraits series, and with exclusive live performances from some of the most notable touring bands of today, LA Sessions in 2017 will be one to watch.
The May launch highlights four-piece band from Iceland, Kaleo and their latest single. For the LA Sessions exclusive they perform an acoustic version of “No Good.”

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