Thursday, July 27, 2017

New Tunes from Aron McFaul & Cindy Wilson

It's almost Friday here in the US and we have some pretty stellar tunes for your ears and feet from Swedish producer/DJ Aron McFaul and B52's legend, Cindy Wilson!

First up is Aron McFaul's "Family Party" off his Animal Garden School EP. It's chunky and funky disco-house that's 90's NYC reminiscent.

The legend that is Cindy Wilson hits us hard with this sweet New Wave track, "Mystic" off her upcoming solo album Change. If you loved the last track "Ballistic" we served for you back in March youll love "Mystic."

Cindy describes this track - “It quickly became one of the band’s favorites and maintains its energy on the road. Lyrically, its about our personalities — how we’re all multi-dimensional in ways that we will never understand. We all have a hidden mystic quality if we can learn and trust to tap into that power. This song is about how we are all trying to define ourselves and make sense of ourselves, yet there is an ineffable, indescribable quality to consciousness.”

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